At the Buzzer (01/19/17)

Episode 260: Trailer Blazing — The gang talks about the final Zelda trailer, then dives into the art of writing and being banned from forums. Also, Chris abuses what little power he has, Michelle fights a spider to the death live on air, and Michaela is a rebel with a cause.


    • None



  • “Unfathomed Force” by Falcom Sound Team jdk
  • “Night at the Octodrag” by Thee Jaguar Sharks

Production Assistance: Tony Robinson, Executive Producer

Announcer: Molly Robinson

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2 thoughts on “At the Buzzer (01/19/17)

  1. On the one hand, I feel terrible about Michelle’s spider incident. I too would have screamed bloody murder had a spider been stalking me from the ceiling.

    On the other hand, her shriek did jar me just as I was completing a near perfect highlighting job on these spreadsheets in front of me, causing one highlighted line to go outside of its boundaries, so…


    1. You hear that, Michelle? You made cary draw outside the lines. That’s kindergarten stuff. You owe her at least four hundred billion dollars.

      (The sad thing, by the way, is that was actually more than twice as loud in the original audio. Could’ve been worse. lol)

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