Batman: Arkham Origins Prequel Releasing This Year?

A while back, rumors of the new Rocksteady Batman game surfaced which indicated that instead of a sequel to Arkham City, the next Batman game in the series would be a prequel, set in the past, and be called Batman: Arkham Origins. More surprisingly, the game was rumored to be featuring interactions with the Justice League, and be based on the “Silver Age” of comics.

Well, throw some more wood onto the rumor pile: allegedly, the game is already in the works, will be shown at E3, and will actually be released this year.


While I think I’m in the majority of fans who were really itching for a game exploring the fall-out of the Joker’s death and tragic ending of Arkham City, a prequel that pits Batman with (against?) the Justice League could be really fun as well, and experiment with entirely new gameplay options than the first two games. If it released this year, it would add another quality title to an already overstuffed 2013. Will this year be one of the best in gaming, ever? If titles like Arkham Origins find a way in, it might be.

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