The CEO of SEO

I’ve been running this website for more than a year now, and it’s been a learning process. WordPress helps with that process by automating a lot of the nuances of the site, and by masking my limited knowledge of html. Still, it’s been a trial and error thing.

One of the areas where we’ve been trying to improve is search engine optimization. Getting more hits and more eyeballs on the site certainly can’t hurt, and while we plug the show and blog posts relentlessly through Facebook and word of mouth, sometimes the best boost is getting someone random to check out the site and maybe listen to an episode.

We set a bunch of records for most views in a day, week, and month in April, with today being the final day of tracking in a month where we had more than 2,300 hits, a number that crushed the site’s first 4-5 months of existence. That’s a good trend. Jason’s post about the Legend of Korra led the charge, as Google seemed to love that article.

So it got me thinking: What does Google like? They’ve recently made looking that information up easier with Google Trends and Google Insights, both of which pull back the curtain on what really clicks with web users. They run information back to 2004, and I decided to take a look at the 10 most searched keywords on Google in the United states since those stats were tracked. The top 10 isn’t exactly full of surprises, but a couple items are not quite what you’d expect.

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Lady Gaga and the Future of Music

**Many of you may not know this, and to be fair how would you, but I once wrote for NAU’s Lumberjack newspaper. While not everything I wrote was journalistic gold, there were a few gems that I still feel deserve a look at.**

Let me be the first to say I was not a fan of Lady Gaga. I just didn’t get it. She struck me as a typical wannabe superstar who was no different than any other pop singer we’d seen in recent years. Other than the rumors of her potentially being a man, nothing struck me as particularly interesting about her.

Yet something strange happened when I actually bothered to watch some of her music videos — I liked them. Apparently I’m not alone, either, because Lady Gaga now has the prestigious honor of being the first franchise to ever reach 1 billion views on YouTube. While it may seem like a frivolous accolade, one has to wonder why Gaga was the first to ever reach this milestone. Or perhaps more importantly, what does that say about the current generation’s mindset?

Underneath those over-extravagant hats lies the mind of a truly talented young woman. A keen eye will notice her music videos often have an atypical sexual undertone. While it’s no secret sex has been a huge factor in pop music for decades, Lady Gaga doesn’t limit her videos to sexual norms. Bondage, furries and other such “deviant” sexual ideas are rather common in her videos. With her achievement of reaching the 1 billion-view benchmark, it’s impossible to deny our generation is being exposed to these radical ideas. Continue reading “Lady Gaga and the Future of Music”