Top Five Reasons Non-Fans Should See Marvel’s The Avengers

Okay, so we all have friends who are either whiny hipsters or, even worse, elitists. They may not know it, but they are. How do you spot them? They’re that arrogant individual who turns their nose up at anything popular or mainstream, believing wholeheartedly that it couldn’t possibly be worth their time.

Case in point: Marvel’s The Avengers. These people couldn’t care less because they either think a) it’s stupid because it’s a superhero movie, b) it’s stupid because it’s popular, or c) it just “isn’t their speed.” Yes, there are obnoxious crowds, high ticket prices, or the unthinkable act of missing that Studio Ghibli retrospective at the local art house theater, but I (and/or those nearest and dear to you) still believe you should go!

Therefore, here are five very good reasons non-fans should see Marvel’s The Avengers in the movie theater as soon as possible. Continue reading “Top Five Reasons Non-Fans Should See Marvel’s The Avengers”

Rack Focus: A Very Embarrassing “Top 5” List

So I’m overwhelmingly sick and, as such, didn’t go see a movie last night. In terms of my recommendations for the week, I hear 21 Jump Street is rather hilarious. That’s not my official endorsement, mind you, but it’s what I’ve heard.

Regardless, this predicament gave me the idea for interesting “top 5 list” — a list that any self-respecting connoisseur of film would hate to put together. Well, blame the fever or perhaps my lack of self-respect, but here is my list of “Top 5 Films I Haven’t Seen,” with some brief commentary. Continue reading “Rack Focus: A Very Embarrassing “Top 5” List”