At the Buzzer Focus Group

This week marks the one-year anniversary of At the Buzzer’s first episode.

It’s kinda surprising to look back and see that much ground behind us. That first episode (which was terrible, by the way) ended up leading into 30 more over the course of 12 months. More importantly, the quality and regularity got much better.

As we’ve continued to put up more shows, we’ve started getting a variety of letters and comments from listeners. All things considered, I’m appreciative of anyone who takes the time to do something with ATB, whether that means simply listening in or sending us something for Buzz In.

Still, we’re always looking to improve. With that in mind, I’m using the time after our first year of business to ask for something more. Consider it a survey of sorts, a poor man’s focus group, where you tell us what you like and don’t like in the show. Your input has made a difference before. For example, the intro used to be twice as long before folks said “hey, that’s dumb and you’re dumb.” But this is on a much bigger scale.

So I’m asking fans of the show to take a few minutes and respond to this questionnaire. If you’re diligent, you can answer every question. If you’re less familiar with the program or you’re leaving for a hot date in a few minutes, you can answer only the ones you feel strongly about. Or you can give some kid a dollar and let him mash on the keys for a while.

Once you’re done, you can submit your feedback in two different ways:

  • To our inbox at
  • As a comment on this post (use the box below)

Your test begins … now. Continue reading “At the Buzzer Focus Group”