Dr. StrangeNash. Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Basketball Again

This season of Suns basketball sure did suck, didn’t it?

I mean, from the lockout and not knowing if we’re even going to have a season, to the Suns’ horrific start, to then missing the playoffs in a rather excruciating way in the last week of the season, it was tough all around. Yet I watched as much of it as I could.

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Razing Phoenix fans

I’m tired of Dave being the only one who writes sports every single week, like he has the corner on the sports market and is shutting us out. To deny him his monopolistic intentions, I’m going to write about sports. So there. Suck on that, Dave.

Suns fans are idiots. I said it. Sure, there are exceptions. I’m an exception. But when you judge a population, you base it off a whole. And the base says that Suns fans are moronic.

They demonstrate this idiocy in many ways. Getting disappointed and jumping off the bandwagon any season the Suns don’t contend for a title. Formulating impossible trade theories for superstars like “Sebastian Telfair and Hakim Warrick for Dwight Howard. The salaries match!” Demanding that we trade Channing Frye when he doesn’t hit 90 percent from three.

However, the greatest example of Suns fan stupidness is, and has always been, their view of Steve Nash, and their willingness to trade him. Suns fans have long insisted we’ve held on to Nash for way too long, and derided the front office for this decision.

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Taylor Swift and Besties

Dear Diary,

The existential quandary of all existential quandary, the likes of which I’m not convinced I’ve ever been faced with before. An earth shattering revelation have I unintentionally just now stumbled upon. If you had asked me who, if I had any choice in the world, I would want to be my best celebrity friend, I would have told you Steve Nash with nary a hesitation. But now, a new candidate has entered the fray.

Taylor Swift and I are destined to be best friends. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but my intentions are completely plutonic. I just think we’d have a really fun time together. It’s nothing original; I’m sure I share this desire with many an American teenage girl. But I can’t deny it. Continue reading “Taylor Swift and Besties”