Pokemon Go Review: A Shallow, Aimless Experience

It’s belated, sure, but I officially dove in to play and review Pokemon Go…and I officially I don’t get it. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Look, with something as huge as Pokemon Go has been, I cant help but recoil against the hype machine a little. I’ll admit that. It’s my human nature. But with what is now a cultural phenomenon, I was expecting more depth. More strategy. More heart. More fun. Just…more.

Don’t get me wrong – the first couple hours of Pokemon Go is stellar and fresh. The experience of walking around and interacting with Pokemon in your environment is the dream of millions of people who grew up on these games. Throwing Pokeballs, evolving your creatures, and steadily getting stronger is a pure treat, as was evidenced by how every person on the planet downloaded this game. You really begin realizing what tremendous potential something like this has.

Unfortunately, that’s the thing about potential–it exists as a what if that may or may not ever be realized. Just ask Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Turns out that as a brief experience, Pokemon Go is like cracking open that elusive treasure chest for the first time. And as a game, Pokemon Go is discovering the chest contains only pieces hot garbage–that is to say, it’s a shallow, aimless, and ultimately pointless exercise in redundancy.

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My Reaction to the Facebook Smartphone is… Why do I need this?

Seriously.  However, I guarantee there are several people out there who will just have to be first in line to get one. Lets examine my current situation – I do, in fact, own a smartphone.  It is the HTC Thunderbolt, a 4G LTE smartphone I bought for myself while Verizon was running the promotion giving 4GB for the price of 2GB.  It works perfectly fine, though at times the battery does leave a bit to be desired.  I have to charge it every night, and that is the only problem I have with it.  I’d say the only reason I’d … Continue reading My Reaction to the Facebook Smartphone is… Why do I need this?