Mute Baby’s New Era

Mute Baby has chosen me to be his official spokesperson.

Mute Baby knows the public believes that Mute Baby is very happy as the guest star and co-mascot of the At The Buzzer show. Mute Baby wants the public to know that they are wrong. Mute Baby has been oppressed and treated unfairly for too long. Mute Baby, in association with Gerber Baby Food, has Mr. Kitten Mittens’ favorite pillow. Mute Baby promises to shear this pillow in half unless his demands are met. Mute Baby wants the world to know he is serious.

The list of demands is as follows: Continue reading “Mute Baby’s New Era”

Vote Shaun in 2012

I interrupt my normally scheduled article for this important announcement. Ladies and gentlemen of America, if you’ve been following the show, you know that I’ve made an important announcement. I’m running for president in 2012. I think I stand a good shot, but my campaign strategy is critical. So here it is. I’ve made a realization: I’ve been playing it safe. I just made a drive across the country with a dollar in my pocket, and yet I continue to post conservative gaming columns like I work at Conservative Gaming Monthly. Well, no more; I have a presidency to think … Continue reading Vote Shaun in 2012