The Secret World: Characters with character

The world behind The Secret World

Hey everyone! In my typical fashion I have been doing everything in my power to play the living ba-Jesus out of The Secret World, as that is what I typically do when I get a new game, burn through it. But with Funcom’s new MMO, I’m presented with a bit of a dilemma – the game is too open, expansive, and deep for me to want to burn through it. So while I normally try to cruise through an MMO’s story missions at the quickest rate I can in order to see and hear what’s really going on in the world, I can’t help but feel I’d be missing out if I did so.

What is it about The Secret World that is holding me back? Surely other games have tempted me as well right? Well, yes. But the modern world that Funcom has created for their new games is not only full of hidden secrets, awesomely creepy monsters and tons of hidden goodies to find; it’s also filled with real, true blue, characters. Something few games have ever had. Continue reading “The Secret World: Characters with character”