Mewtwo is the Best Pokemon

Mewtwo is the best pokemon

Don’t listen to that heretic Shaun, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. In fact, he wouldn’t know a Clefairy from a Wigglytuff. He’s that clueless; and we ain’t talking about a movie with a hot blonde.

Metagross is not, in fact, the best Pokemon ever. Metagross isn’t even on the list of semi-best Pokemon ever; ugliest, maybe, but not best. That makes Shaun not only wrong, but a big fat liar. Fact: Metagross can’t fly. Don’t be fooled by Shaun’s honeyed words, there is only one, true, best Pokemon, and his name starts with a Mew and ends with a Two. That’s right, we talk’n bout Mewtwo here people… the most badass Pokemon of them all. Disagree? Well too bad, cause you’re wrong. Continue reading “Mewtwo is the Best Pokemon”