Spider-men #2 Review

Spider-men Issue 2 Review

Well folks, I’m a bit behind on things but figured I should probably start somewhere. Seeing as Spider-men #3 is already out I figured I’d probably get my review for number 2 up and running before I fall way behind. That said, this story arc is still shaping up to be one of the biggest things to happen in either Peter Parker or Miles Morales life! Although things in this issue don’t really hit any of those huge emotional moments that I’m sure a lot of readers like me are hoping for, this was still an important issue for helping brings Peter Parker (and readers) into the fold of the Ultimate Universe.

Oh! And if you missed my review of issue number 1, you’re in luck! It’s right here waiting to be read… Continue reading “Spider-men #2 Review”

Shaun’s wish list for Kingdom Hearts 3

The Kingdom Hearts series certainly likes to space out its main entries. We are now five years and counting since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2, with only the prequels and side stories to bridge the gap. It is a legitimate concern now that if the world does end in 2012, John Cusack and his family will never see the proper third chapter in this series.

In fact, the word in the hood (also known as rumors my little sister tracks down) is that Tetsuya Nomura and his posse haven’t even started work on Kingdom Hearts 3 yet. Still, we all know it’s going to happen eventually, and after playing Birth by Sleep (and lamenting how monotone Aqua and Terra’s voice actors are), I’ve chronicled some of the changes I would like to see. Continue reading “Shaun’s wish list for Kingdom Hearts 3”