The Monthly Legend of Korra Review: And so it begins!

Welcome everyone! This is’s monthly review/summary of what’s happened in The Legend of Korra! Every month I’ll be looking back on the adventures of Korra and her fellow Fire Ferrets as they struggle to keep peace in Republic City. If you haven’t been keeping up with the show, then what are you waiting for!? Swing by and give them a look see! [Please note that at the time of writing this episode 4 still wasn’t available on their official website.] Or do what I do and watch them through iTunes! This month I’ll be covering the episodes “Welcome to Republic City“, “A Leaf in the Wind“, “The Revelation” and “The Voice in the Night“.

As this monthly review will be touching on characters and events that have already happened in the show, Spoilers will abound. You’ve been warned… Continue reading “The Monthly Legend of Korra Review: And so it begins!”