Rack Focus Review: Pottermore

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The rumors are true. An official Sorting Hat exists, and any discerning internet traveler may be sorted into one of Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s four reputable houses. There is celebration and derision throughout the webiverse, and a more-than-occasional worry the Sorting Hat is mis-sorting people. “But I’m a Slytherin! How can I get Hufflepuffed??” People haven’t referred to it as “Hufflepuffed”, but they should. Continue reading “Rack Focus Review: Pottermore”

Rack Focus: Sex, Trees, Wizards, and Aliens, or The Very Best of 2011

Hey there, gang! My name is Gary Sundt, and this is my very first piece as film critic for At the Buzzer. To those who know my film criticism, hello again. To those who are new to the game, glad you could make it, and check out my past reviews over at garysundt.wordpress.com. And to those who have a problem with my opinions and wish to strike up a debate about films and filmmaking, please feel free to do so as I’ll be thrilled to pound your very wrong opinions into the ground.

Now that we’re done with formalities, let’s get to my breakdown of the Best Films of 2011. While I thought coming up with 10 films I loved from 2011 would be difficult, I’m rather surprised to discover just how much there was to love. I’ve written a lot of these lists in the past, and I’d like to try something different this year by merely denoting my favorite flicks and giving them awards I’ve seen fit to make up.

From lizards to mutants, from aliens to sad people, from sex to sex with the Irish — here’s my recap of the very best of 2011 in film. Continue reading “Rack Focus: Sex, Trees, Wizards, and Aliens, or The Very Best of 2011”