Letter to Peyton

Dear Peyton,

Hey, how’s it going? I know you’ve been busy with traveling around the country so I’ll keep this brief: Could you please come to Arizona to play for us?

I can’t begin to imagine all that’s going through your mind lately. You’ve got to feel like your wife just dumped you for a new, younger man…yet you’ve got supermodels running after you trying to have your baby. It’s got to be confusing. You thought you were going to spend your entire life with Indy, yet she left you because you cost too much and got too old. Well we don’t think you’re too old, Peyton; in fact, you’re just right for us, and we’re just right for you. Continue reading “Letter to Peyton”

I Call B(C)S

This week brought on the New Year, and the start of college football’s meaningful bowl games. (Sorry folks, the winner of the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl won’t live on in eternal lore.) With those meaningful bowl games, great games tend to follow. Monday was no exception, with two of the best BCS bowls that I’ve ever seen: Oregon beating Wisconsin, and Oklahoma State beating Stanford (in OT).

With the excitement of those games still fresh in my mind, and the snooze-fest that is sure to be the BCS National Championship game (really…LSU vs. Alabama, if we set the over/under at 20, would they make it? Last time they didn’t), it’s got me coming back to the same argument that we have in college football every year: Why the hell don’t we have a playoff? Continue reading “I Call B(C)S”