The Return of Golf and Other Thoughts

Shaun and I were down in Phoenix over the weekend and some of the usual hijinks ensued. We played golf in the scorching heat (seriously, why in the hell is it 105 degrees in mid-April?), and have the videos to prove it. As always, you can subscribe to our Youtube channel to get the latest updates on when things like this are put up.

We also were part of a farewell party for our news girl, Molly. No, she’s not leaving the show (despite all the content she’s made us lose). She’s going overseas for a year to help teach kids English through song and dance. Supposedly everyone was going to be swimming at this party, but Shaun and I were tricked and ended up being the only ones. I also set a modern-day record for most giant Hebrew National hot dogs eaten before swimming.

Finally, we went to the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert on Saturday night. Definitely worth the money. Even though the balcony seats weren’t spectacular, they still provided a perfectly good view of the proceedings. One of the neat touches was a monitor by the conductor’s stand that allowed the conductor to sync the timing of the orchestra with videos that were playing on a giant screen in the background. It allowed the sound and video to work together to tell something like a small story and really added to the experience.

Anyway, busy weekend, and I’m sure we’ll talk more about it on this week’s show. In the meantime, here are those golf videos.

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