Spider-men #4 Review

The time is finally here folks! Peter Parker meets the family he never knew and learns a bit more about a life another him got to live. With this series wrapping up in just one more issue, does Bendis bring it home and deliver the emotionally charged story we’ve been hoping for? Does Peter learn anything in this world that could help him in his? Does May Parker get to slap some people?! Keeping reading to find out! Continue reading “Spider-men #4 Review”

Spider-men #3 Review

Hey everyone! Sorry about falling off the Earth last week, I’ve been chipping away at The Secret World as best I can and lost track of time. Such is life.

Anyway! This week I’ll be reviewing Spider-men #3, and let me say that this week things get interesting! If you happened to wander into this blog having not read my review of issues #1 and #2, be sure to check them out. With last issue leaving us hanging on the edge of our seat wondering what was going to happen in a battle between Mysterio and both Spider-men, this issue doesn’t let us down as it jumps right into the action. Plus! Bendis finally starts bringing things home as the story moves towards the emotionally charged tale I was hoping it would become…

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