Older Episodes

The episodes page was getting too big, so here’s all of our shows from 2011 through 2014.

Episode 161 (12/18/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
ATB Christmas Special III (HD) — The gang welcomes the holiday season with a look at some specially themed headlines and their favorite movies in Rapid Reviews. Also, Chris struggles to maintain control, Dave sings a familiar tune, Michelle reviews the worst possible movie, and Shaun hates white elephant exchanges.

Episode 160 (12/11/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Crunked (HD) — The gang tries to follow through on their plans to do an episode while drunk with mixed results, then talk about putting different liquids in your body and make snap decisions in Saving Society. Also, Chris edits out a vote he doesn’t like, Dave finds out about a drunk baby, Michelle falls in love with “cough syrup,” and Shaun tries his luck with sound effects.

Episode 159 (12/04/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Fake Animals Unite (HD) — The gang devotes an episode to imaginary and cartoon and stuffed animals, all while trying to get the first official entry into the Time Capsule. Also, Chris makes an unpopular argument, Dave takes a pizza out of the oven, Michelle reveals her love of Big Bird, and Shaun puts his dad on blast.

Episode 158 (11/27/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Hairy Lips (HD) — The gang talks about hair in weird places as Movember comes to a close, then discusses unlimited amounts of snow and vacation, then reintroduces an old segment. Also, Chris gets more eternal damnation, Dave has a beard like a porcupine, Michelle actually takes a shower, and Shaun tries to add everything to Buzzerbeater.

Episode 157 (11/20/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Give and Take and Take (HD) — The gang returns to form with a look at some bizarre headlines and the introduction of a (somewhat) new segment called Real Talk. Also, Chris makes his life more difficult, Dave gets stuck taking tests as an adult, Michelle considers her ideal yearbook photo, and Shaun continues to spout more nonsense.

Episode 156 (11/13/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Buzzer? I Barely Know Her (HD) — The gang rushes to fit an episode into busy schedules, and dives headlong into an entire show of Buzzerbeater. Also, Chris loses control of everything, Dave discovers a meaningful impression, Michelle battles against perceptions of hygiene, and Shaun reveals his love of a Sound of Music song.

Episode 155 (11/06/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Serious Business (HD) — The gang tackles a group of headlines so serious that it requires nearly the entire show, then tries to lighten the mood in Buzzerbeater. Also, Chris tries to commit to a Shaun impression, Dave drives into the Grand Canyon, Michelle tries to avoid crying on air, and Shaun discusses the importance of cat politics.

Episode 154 (10/30/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
A Hallow Victory (HD) — The gang finally does a Halloween-themed episode, including a look at razor blades in candy and the slow transition of clowns into irrelevance. Also, Chris sounds like an overbearing mother, Dave doesn’t use his kid for candy, Michelle is banned from celebrating the holiday, and Shaun ruins his second chance at hosting.

Episode 153 (10/23/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Money Talks (HD) — The guys take a look at financial stories, like brothers who won the lottery or homeless people giving away money, then contemplate their own spending in Countdown. Also, Chris sells off precious family members, Dave delves into the world of Satanism, and Shaun insults people with Ebola and Alzheimer’s in one fell swoop.

Episode 152 (10/16/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Sneaky Peeky (HD) — The gang examines some sneaky behavior, like a camera that records when you look at boobs, then try to salvage nostalgia in Time Capsule. Also, Chris changes the commercial break, Dave blurs the lines of reality, Michelle picks her favorite body part, and Shaun devotes an entire episode to Early Edition.

Episode 151 (10/02/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Trendsetters (HD) — The gang breaks down some controversial topics, like whether or not kids these days are babied or whether or not football teams can be racist. Also, Chris talks about a 17th-place finish, Dave suffers through late connection problems, Michelle casts an unprecedented vote, and Shaun goes behind a coworker’s back.

Episode 150 (09/25/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
It’s a Horrible Day (HD) — The gang hits a mini-milestone with episode 150, talking about the decline of iTunes and introducing a new segment in the second half. Also, Chris declares himself the guru of the Rocky series, Dave tries to get a word in edgewise, Michelle gets hit on by girls, and Shaun says to grab life by the balls.

Episode 149 (09/18/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Eat, Pray, Die (HD) — The gang records their 300th food episode, with a look at Taco Bell’s strange choices in Headlines and all-you-can-eat options in Death Match. Also, Chris makes more work for himself, Dave tells a horror story about a buffet, Michelle tries to break a new segment, and Shaun takes a stand for poor, abused waiters.

Episode 148 (09/04/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The Parent Trap (HD) — The gang tackles some serious issues, like a little girl with an Uzi and healthy food disguised as junk food, then creates top 3 parenting lists in Countdown. Also, Chris creates a serious Buzzerbeater, Dave rejects Shaun’s advice, Michelle talks about makeup in middle school, and Shaun relives the days of public parks and knives.

Episode 147 (09/04/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Another Dimension (HD) — The gang talks about made-up scientific constructs and disturbing villages, then looks at blasts from the past in Time Capsule. Also, Chris finally takes things too far, Dave confirms that he is the father, Michelle explains how she hasn’t grown up, and Shaun has more tragic tales from his childhood.

Episode 146 (08/28/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Such Buzzer. Much Beater. Wow. (HD) — The gang shrinks to half its size for a bizarre episode, and decides to pull back the current on some current and future news involving the show, the site and more. Also, Chris takes issue with people taking issue with charity initiatives, and Shaun details his experience with American Horror Story.

Episode 145 (08/21/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Quick Grub (HD) — The gang examines some strange choices in the fast food arena, like the cancellation of healthier choices or the introduction of delivery service. Also, Chris questions fate, Dave takes on the ice bucket challenge, Michelle discloses her love of petty revenge, and Shaun talks about onion rings that tasted like urine.

Episode 144 (08/14/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Defying Expectations (HD) — The gang talks about the power of potato salad and a myopic restaurant review, then decides who dies, who lives and who gets fbucked in Buzzer Buzz Saw. Also, Chris incriminates himself forever, Michelle makes a difficult decision look easy, and Shaun shaves his hair to avoid ridicule.

Episode 143 (08/07/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
100 Percent More Buzzer (HD) — The gang continues the success of its wildly successful all-Buzzerbeater with another episode, while mixing in some emails and other stuff and things. Also, Chris deals with first world problems, Dave gets destroyed by CenturyLink, Michelle talks about being a bondage slave, and Shaun tells a story he shouldn’t.

Episode 142 (07/31/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The Error of Your Ways (HD) — The gang discusses a series of fatal mistakes, like falling asleep at a baseball game or misspelling words in major publications, then goes back in time in Buzzkill. Also, Chris becomes a shock-jock DJ, Dave supplies a random factoid, Michelle battles her internet company, and Shaun tries to set up bromances.

Episode 141 (07/24/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Nothing But Mammals (HD) — The gang continues the trend of sexy episodes with a look at frustrated soccer players and gratuitous safety videos and some stark opposites in Buzz Off. Also, Chris unloads on overreactions, Dave says athletes are people too, Michelle strangles her boyfriend, and Shaun explains forbidden pillow love.

Episode 140 (07/17/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Voice of the People (HD) — The gang breaks down why phone conversations are a dying breed, then plays a classic children’s game with modern-day celebrities in…Buzzer Buzz Saw? Also, Chris shills for phone sex, Dave blows his celebrity crush, Michelle has the least sexy voice ever, and Shaun gets put into an impossible situation.

Episode 139 (07/03/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
More Money, More Problems (HD) — The gang examines some headlines with issues about money, then tackles some important financial topics in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris tells a story about a check for 59 cents, Michelle advocates for more devastating senior pranks, and Shaun vows to eliminate all forms of change from the world.

Episode 138 (06/26/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Having Relations (HD)  — The gang tries to stop terrible relationship choices from happening in Headlines, then picks the top three celebrities on their F-it list in Buzzcut. Also, Chris reveals the origin of a crush, Michelle talks about how she has a thing for noses, and Shaun ponders the best gifts for someone who’s sick.

Episode 137 (06/19/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
E3, You Sunk My Battleship (HD) — The gang looks back at some of the biggest and most controversial stories of E3 and makes top-three lists in Buzzcut. Also, Chris breaks down the Zelda trailer, Dave takes a stand against taking a stand, Michelle rebels against society, and Shaun lists off his unique and terrible pet names.

Episode 136 (06/12/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Sign My Yearbook (HD) — The guys take a stroll down memory lane to the end of high school, then look at three headlines all about yearbook problems — all while including a specialish guest! Also, Chris sends Furbies to hell, Michelle gets pulled over in Utah, and Shaun forms an alliance that doesn’t even last the whole episode.

Episode 135 (06/05/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Every Dog Has Its Day (HD) — The guys tackle an entire dog-themed episode, including a man being a dog on a dating app and canines that are doctored to look like pandas. Also, Chris wonders about a quote in an article, Michelle talks about her experience wrestling dogs, and Shaun brings up a vendetta against a neighborhood pet.

Episode 134 (05/29/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
All Buzzer, All the Time (HD) — The guys switch things up a bit, talking about the world’s biggest water slide before moving on to a supersized Buzzerbeater session. Also, Chris worries about launching to his death, Michelle continues the trend of sweating profusely, and Shaun stereotypes millions of people in Australia.

Episode 133 (05/22/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Schoolhouse Crock (HD) — The guys tackle a series of school-related headlines, including a pedantic board member and some disgusting cupcakes, then lay down the law on school practices in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris successfully makes a movie reference, Michelle admits to cheating at an opportune time, and Shaun has more accidents involving liquids.

Episode 132 (05/15/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
No Take Backs (HD) — The guys look at situations where someone might have wanted to hit the reset button, including a ball tap in DDR and a troll fighting a boxer, then choose whether or not to have re-dos in Buzz Off. Also, Chris deals with self-inflicted pain, Michelle considers a less-than-decent proposal, and Shaun neglects the importance of genies.

Episode 131 (05/08/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Karma, Dogma, Anathema (HD) — The guys welcome back Michelle to tackle some horrible headlines, then wonder if perhaps some people got what they deserved. Also, Chris keeps a constant reminder of one of the worst moments of his life, Michelle reveals her celebrity vendettas, and Shaun tells us a story about a song he’s in.

Episode 130 (05/01/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Kid Gloves (HD) — The guys welcome a special guest and then discuss some strange kid stories, like a 3-year-old climbing into a claw machine and a girl being banned from prom for wearing pants. Also, Chris freaks out about being on radio, Michelle wishes office birthdays didn’t exist, and Shaun says kids should wear a suit and tie at all times.

Episode 129 (04/24/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
You Mad, Bro? (HD) — The guys examine some anger-inducing topics, like the most frustrating part of video games or the penalty for spending your life working in a cubicle, then have a two-man debate on proper behavior in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris pulls out a very specific example about missing ice cream, and Shaun talks about how his girlfriend makes him feel old.

Episode 128 (04/17/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Blowing it Sky High (HD) — The guys take a look at a trio of timely airline headlines, then welcome a special guest on a live phone call for the first time in Buzzerbeater. Also, Chris dances around pornography with euphemisms, Dave is nowhere to be found for some reason, and Shaun explains his childhood fear of flying.

Episode 127 (04/10/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Sharknado (HD) — The guys welcome a special guest while important outside things are happening, then discuss a trio of shark stories in Headlines. Also, Chris holds down the fort, Dave misses an episode to go take care of his family or something I don’t know geez, and Shaun promotes ATB merchandise that doesn’t exist.

Episode 126 (04/03/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Taking an Extended Rest (HD) — The guys dance around death in Headlines, talk D&D and other RPGs in Buzz Off, then tackle the How I Met Your Mother finale in Buzzerbeater. Also, Chris grapples with the best way to die, Dave identifies with Neil Patrick Harris, and Shaun explains the dangers of a 20-pound cat.

Episode 125 (03/27/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Setting the Stage (HD) — The guys actually convince Dave to talk about some big upcoming films, including the first Peanuts movie in three decades and some important Disney sequels. Also, Chris swears for a second straight episode, Dave needs an 18-inch corn dog in his mouth, and Shaun wants everything to become a movie about football.

Episode 124 (03/20/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Sex, Lies, and Mario Kart (HD) — The guys talk about all the vices they encountered in Las Vegas and then wonder if rich people really do have better sex. Also, Chris sends a harsh message to clueless religious people, Dave battles against basketball hipsters, and Shaun rescues an exotic dancer by kidnapping her and putting her in his trunk.

Episode 123 (03/13/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
All Dolled Up (HD) — The guys put together a helter-skelter episode that goes in a bunch of directions, like discussions on Barbie in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and the WWE Network. Also, Chris makes a case for a new business model for streaming, Dave revives an age-old bit, and Shaun forgets his train of thought mid-sentence.

Episode 122 (03/06/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Tech It Out (HD) — The guys do some more work on their upcoming movie, including important casting decisions and an inevitable spinoff, then tackle some tech headlines. Also, Chris goes off on Oscar nitpickers, Dave gives Shaun some bad news on stock advice, and Shaun battles a near-fatal case of Restless Leg Syndrome.

Episode 121 (02/27/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Much Hungry (HD) — The guys talk about food for the 395th time in the history of the show, including a supermarket game show and another look at fat Americans. Also, Chris has trouble with intimacy during his youth, Dave sentences his daughter to a fate worse than death, and Shaun throws every single family member under the bus.

Episode 120 (02/20/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Breaking the News (HD) — The guys tackle some extremely timely headlines, then break down a series of game show topics in the second half of the show. Also, Chris plans to pelvic thrust near Pat Sajak, Dave wants to procure some of Ben Stein’s moolah, and Shaun gets set to join the Freedom Fighters.

Episode 119 (02/13/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Valentine’s Prey (HD) — The guys brace themselves for another spiteful holiday episode, but things go in a surprising direction. Also, Chris hates today’s distinction between dating and hanging out, Dave vows to work extra-hard for his marriage, and Shaun doesn’t get a chance to discuss his super-exciting V-day plans.

Episode 118 (02/06/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
You Gotta Know When to Hold ‘Em (HD) — The guys run through a series of gambling-related stories like a man caught cheating at blackjack, then guzzle down free drinks in Buzz Off. Also, Chris shows off his sexy bedroom voice, Dave keeps his schedule free for some silly reason, and Shaun has nightmares about the worst tip ever.

Episode 117 (01/30/14): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
WE’RE BACK, BITCHES (HD) — The guys make their triumphant return by running through a bunch of listener feedback and introducing a brand-new segment sure to change the world. Also, Chris questions his career path, Dave reveals his daughter’s name, and Shaun despises the Friends character that he embodies.

Episode 116 (10/24/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Prepare to be Disappointed (HD) — The guys roll back the time machine as they try to plan ahead for their big move, then discuss soul mates in Headlines and the earliest Sonic games in Buzzkill. Also, Chris talks about the sanctity of showers, Dave refers to his wife as his roommate, and Shaun places a personal ad for himself on-air.

Episode 115 (10/17/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
All In Your Head (HD)  — The guys shorten the show a bit in the middle of their move, but still have time to question shooting lasers at your brain and find out which songs are the most annoyingly catchy. Also, Chris tries to stop a virus, Dave tries to make a plea for sanity, and Shaun tries to start an argument with himself.

Episode 114 (10/10/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Oh Baby (HD) — The guys wonder about the perils of milk and cookies for children, then discuss whether or not spanking is okay in a surprisingly serious Buzzsaw. Also, Chris makes a plea for common sense, Dave makes an announcement toward the end of the show, and Shaun almost admits to backhanding children.

Episode 113 (10/03/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
A House of Cards (HD) — The guys wonder how it can be a crime to park in your own driveway, then discuss some of the features of their dream house in Buzz Off. Also, Chris has doubts about a half a million euro prize, Dave doubles back on his hatred, and Shaun abruptly leaves at the end of the show.

Episode 112 (09/26/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Anger Leads to Hate (HD) — The guys discuss why spiking your wife like a football is a bad choice and behaving like a child is a horrible idea, then reminisce about two great things in Buzzkill. Also, Chris creates awkward nicknames for his younger self, Dave makes plans to avoid dying alone, and Shaun reveals his fantasies about Joe Rogan.

Episode 111 (09/19/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
A Quick Study (HD) — The guys look at a variety of studies, including the way we describe the stages of drunkenness and the horrors of soap dispensers in the bathroom. Also, Chris tells people to mind their own business, Dave tells people to stop bashing referees, and Shaun promises to talk less because he’s sick.

Episode 110 (09/12/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
We Can Haz Cheezeburgers (HD) — The guys discuss quirky food and cat issues, like taking a pet turtle onto a plane and whether you should root for a hospitalized cat mayor. Also, Chris compares an animal to Professor X, Dave recounts a story of his early employment, and Shaun tries to outlaw an American staple.

Episode 109 (09/05/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Vigilante Justice (HD)  — The guys take matters into their own hands and discuss three wacky headlines before settling the debate between Batman and The Punisher in Buzz Off. Also, Chris makes a threat against 6-year-olds, Dave reveals that he’s an inventor, and Shaun tells a story with a happy ending.

Episode 108 (08/29/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
It’s Science (HD) — The guys return after lightning almost killed the show and talk about explosions at school, studies about Twitter, and Bill Nye the Science Guy in Buzzkill. Also, Chris is finally attacked by the buzzer, Dave learns about the meaning of twerking, and Shaun shares more awful stories from his youth.

Episode 107 (08/15/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Woman’s Intuition (HD) — The guys see if they can discover a hidden sense by examining stories about women, like being arrested for bottled water or hitting the online dating scene when you’re Miss USA. Also, Chris catches Shaun in a trap, Dave produces his prepared remarks, and Shaun lets hundreds die for true love.

Episode 106 (08/08/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Paved with Good Intentions (HD) — The guys tackle religion in a special episode, including whether purgatory exists and whether it’s possible to kill the devil with fire. Also, Chris calls out people for being lazy, Dave battles with his morality, and Shaun live tweets during a recorded show.

Episode 105 (08/01/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
In Sickness and In Health (HD) — The guys talk about the horrors of hospitals, like a woman who almost had her organs removed while still alive, then list their grievances in Buzzcut. Also, Chris questions the validity of WebMD, Dave wants the power of Grayskull, and Shaun asks for your first-born child.

Episode 104 (07/25/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
WE’LL DO IT LIVE (HD)  — The guys debut their first live show on Monday nights, then talk about nudity as a distraction and defile the memory of Bob Ross in Buzzkill. Also, Chris budgets his time poorly, Dave decides he should stop talking, and Shaun wants to find love under an umbrella on a rainy day.

Episode 103 (07/18/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Summer Stupidity (HD) — The guys talk about leaving kids and dogs inside hot cars, comment on the usefulness of a 27th letter of the alphabet, then discuss summer tropes in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris reveals the new live show, Dave tells people to mind their own business, and Shaun goes after the scum of the earth: slip ‘n’ slides.

Episode 102 (07/11/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Adventures in Internet (HD) — The guys marvel at the stupidity of a mother whose son was shot and a mother who put her son for adoption on Craigslist, then interview LadyCroft3 in Buzzfeed. Also, Chris talks about his potential offspring, Dave reveals himself as a pedophile, and Shaun lists off his favorite colors.

Episode 101 (07/04/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A (HD) — The guys discuss American topics like women being allowed to remain topless and dogs being better than cats, then talk Fourth of July stuff in Buzz Off. Also, Chris wonders where Dave was conceived, Dave ruins the subtlety of a joke, and Shaun makes plans with a giraffe and a panther.

Episode 100 (06/27/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Show of the Century (HD) — The guys celebrate 100 episodes with a colossal show, including a giant Buzz In, an interview with a video game music star, two duets, new music bumpers, and much more! Also, Chris puts himself on the line, Dave finds his love for steak at risk, and Shaun plays the piano like a professional.

Episode 099 (06/20/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Living the Dream (HD) — The guys talk about ideas that didn’t quite pan out, then put Choose Your Own Adventure and Mad Libs to the test in Buzzkill. Also, Chris volunteers to wear his co-hosts’ skin, Dave reads an important wedding message, and Shaun reveals his playbook on Facebook stalking.

Episode 098 (06/13/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The Death and Return of Dave (HD) — The guys throw away their guest host experiment and just bring Dave back on the show, then discuss major E3 news in Headlines and honeymoon traditions in Buzz Off. Also, Chris suggests a romantic voyage to space, Dave is still a rich elitist, and Shaun stalks every girl on Facebook.

Episode 097 (06/06/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Dave’s Replacement (HD)  — The gang wraps everything up in Part 3 of the Dave Wedding Trilogy, as Molly takes over for her dead brother and wedding traditions are examined in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris talks about getting wet, Molly dreams about Neil Patrick Harris, and Shaun makes wedding plans for 2052.

Episode 096 (05/30/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Live from Dave’s Bachelor Party — The guys report from Las Vegas in Part 2 of the Dave Wedding Trilogy, then interview the leader of United We Game (and Daniel Tosh!) in a double Buzzfeed. Also, Chris gets a solo act, Dave throws his wife under the bus, and Shaun wants to pick up chicks.

Episode 095 (05/23/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Dave’s Final Days (HD) — The guys give Dave advice as his wedding approaches in Part 1 of the Dave Wedding Trilogy of episodes, then interview Borderlands’ Britanni Johnson in Buzzfeed. Also, Chris tells stories from high school, Dave pretends he isn’t nervous, and Shaun betrays a promise to be nice.

Episode 094 (05/16/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Highway to the Danger Zone (HD)  — The guys tear apart two silly studies and discuss the horror of a 6-year-old driving, then interview the folks from Game Sammich in Buzzfeed. Also, Chris issues a warning about swearing, Dave counts the days until his wedding, and Shaun has a dream that no one cares about.

Episode 093 (05/09/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Global Phenomenon? (HD) — The guys talk about easier ways to avoid incest and smarter ways to jettison dumb people into space, then talk cosplay with the folks from Wrong Button! Also, Chris bemoans his chances of getting married, Dave insults his co-hosts for being single, and Shaun declares the buzzer to be meaningless.

Episode 092 (05/02/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Getting Served (HD) — The guys question the merits of our legal system and business rights, then question the relevance of jury duty in a divisive Buzzsaw. Also, Chris impersonates a southern yokel, Dave only puts steak in one of his final meals, and Shaun turns Pez dispensers into a sexual fantasy.

Episode 091 (04/25/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Jason is Dying (HD) — The guys applaud a judge for a two-day sentence and defend the tried-and-true apostrophe, then console Jason in a heartwrenching Buzz Questions. Also, Chris gets fired up about grammar, Dave makes a celebrity connection, and Shaun plans to buy the entire Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Episode 090 (04/18/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Solid Parenting (HD) — The guys call out awful interactions with parents, like a son suing his mom and dad for being poor and a mother giving her son marijuana. Also, Chris picks his favorite co-host, Dave sings a forgotten commercial jingle, and Shaun tells a 45-minute story about his dog.

Episode 089 (04/11/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Foodies, Part II: Food Harder (HD) — The guys discuss important food topics like the most useful foods during sex and whether using your resume as a candy bar wrapper is a good choice. Also, Chris offers to eat Justin Bieber, Dave attempts to host the show, and Shaun plays a police dispatcher with seven different voices.

Episode 088 (04/04/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Social Butterflies (HD) — The guys applaud the punishment of internet trolls and the intelligence of curly fry lovers, then interview director Gary Sundt in Buzzfeed. Also, Chris wants to elbow drop pranksters, Dave wants to join in on a Japanese trend, and Shaun never wants to play basketball again.

Episode 087 (03/28/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Call of the Wild (HD) — The guys are horrified by lions killing people during sex and sharks resisting bullets, then interview the author of an upcoming zombie book in Buzzfeed. Also, Chris battles through illness, Dave battles through confusion, and Shaun battles through being rejected by an engaged girl again.

Episode 086 (03/21/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Follow Your Muse (HD) — The guys are blown away by Muse in concert, wonder why Justin Bieber is helping pedophiles, and use listener responses for all of Buzz Off. Also, Chris gets trolled on his favorite song, Dave chooses Molly’s future husband, and Shaun battles an old woman over dirty dishes.

Episode 085 (03/14/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Things Are Not As They Seem (HD) — The guys wonder what happens when a footlong isn’t a foot long and when a kidnapped man isn’t kidnapped, then bring back their interview segment, Buzzfeed. Also, Chris celebrates a mediocre birthday, Dave puts a special guest on the spot, and Shaun positions himself as the voice of reason.

Episode 084 (03/07/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
You’re Kidding Me (HD) — The guys deliver three awful news stories about women and kids, and let the listeners decide which is a fake, then debate the serious issues in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris fails in his attempts to serenade girls, Dave might be a terrible father, and Shaun tells millions of personal stories.

Episode 083 (02/28/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Real American Heroes (HD) — The guys look on as a homeless man saves his pet bunny, a desperate man tries to get sex through Facebook, and a dead man gets Burger King. Also, Chris sounds bitter about love, Dave sounds happy about needling Shaun, and Shaun sounds delighted when we cut off Dave.

Episode 082 (02/21/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Wait a Minute (HD) – The guys decide whether a 10,000-calorie burger is worth the risk, examine a waitress who was fired for posting a receipt online, and list awful restaurant experiences in Buzzcut. Also, Chris creates a strange advertisement, Dave mourns steak gone to waste, and Shaun tells more depressing stories.

Episode 081 (02/14/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Bad Romance (HD) — The guys try to avoid the bitterness of last year’s Valentine’s Day episode by talking about sex with dolphins, burglars with Cheetos and candies that taste like chalk. Also, Chris throws away a prime opportunity, Dave throws away valuable chocolates, and Shaun throws away his credibility.

Episode 080 (02/07/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Your Hips Don’t Lie (HD) — The guys settle a fight between desperate strippers, feast on their favorite types of donuts, and decide which dancing is best in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris keeps having to back up Shaun, Dave gets free donuts because of a stunt, and Shaun worries about being listed as overweight.

Episode 079 (01/31/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
A Sporting Good Time (HD) — The guys provide a super expert preview of the Super Bowl, freak out about the flu outbreak, and respond to more than 20 listener messages in Buzz In. Also, Chris puts himself on the line, Dave confronts the butter dance, and Shaun wants to sleep with the robot from the Jetsons.

Episode 078 (01/24/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Fully Armed and Operational Battle Station (HD) — The guys debate which songs are best for driving, wonder how practical a real-life Death Star would be, and introduce a new interview segment called Buzzfeed. Also, Chris battles the Internet, Dave disappears mid-show, and Shaun doesn’t want anyone to tune in.

Episode 077 (01/17/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Robbing the Cradle (HD) — The guys read what might be the most disturbing headline ever, wonder why a math teacher wants to have sex with her students, then try to feel better by remembering the NES in Buzzkill. Also, Chris was a smart kid, Dave was a British kid, and Shaun was a traumatized kid.

Episode 076 (01/10/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (HD) — The guys take on headlines that get progressively worse, including a 5-year-old being locked in the closet, then decide which famous trio represents them best in Buzz In. Also, Chris turns on the listeners, Dave turns on Shaun, and Shaun is turned on by Maes Hughes.

Episode 075 (01/03/13): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
eDisharmony (HD) — The guys look into the horrors of online dating, including a couple who ended up dead and a man who posed as a young woman, then decide the best of 2012 in Buzzcut. Also, Chris can’t remember what year it is, Dave finally goes to the movie theater, and Shaun considers a profile on a dating website.

Episode 074 (12/20/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
ATB Christmas Special II (HD) – The guys celebrate the holidays with a series of special announcements, a disturbing look into Shaun’s psyche, and a December-themed Buzz Off. Also, Chris puts a stop to the Grinch, Dave accepts spooning as his reality, and Shaun rejects reality and inserts his own.

Episode 073 (12/13/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Kill Me Maybe (HD) — The guys talk about Call Me Maybe as a song of the year candidate, discuss a newspaper running a photo of a man about to die, and welcome a special guest for Buzz Questions. Also, Chris is dumbfounded by the end of the show, Dave wastes home court advantage, and Shaun picks up an important victory.

Episode 072 (12/06/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The End of Days (HD) — The guys talk about the impending destruction of the world, decide how pudding could be an extreme risk, and plow through reader comments and questions in Buzz In. Also, Chris worries about his future kids, Dave visits the studio in Flagstaff, and Shaun forgets to give anyone a pink slip.

Episode 071 (11/29/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Be a Good Sport (HD) — The guys want wrestlers to stop killing rabbits, play their first holiday song of the season, and tell grown-ups to settle down in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris gets thrown under the bus, Dave throws everyone under the bus, and Shaun tells Dave that throwing people under the bus doesn’t mean what he thinks it does.

Episode 070 (11/22/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Back in the Game (HD) — The guys decide if Twinkies are overrated, discuss a trio of video game headlines, and run through top-three lists in a special Thanksgiving edition of Buzzcut. Also, Chris gives out a top-secret recipe, Dave runs the worst company ever, and Shaun says ’tis the season for spooning.

Episode 069 (11/15/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Sexy Time (HD) — The guys are horrified by a real-life anime character, turned off by an ugly couple’s lovemaking, and disappointed in their memories of Captain Planet in Buzzkill. Also, Chris thinks Russian girls are the best, Dave wants to put steaks in swimming pools, and Shaun puts a specific person on blast on the air.

Episode 068 (11/08/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Foodies (HD) — The guys feast on a series of food-related headlines before taking on the biggest mailbag ever in Buzz In and breaking the rules by throwing an entire segment away. Also, Chris nearly loses his voice mid-show, Dave becomes part of a cheesy buddy cop TV show, and Shaun loves everyone and everything ever.

Episode 067 (11/01/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
President El-Ters (HD) — The guys get serious on the issues in their longest episode ever, with a full slate of election-related headlines and a Buzz Off that includes the most polarizing choice yet. Also, Chris supports people not blaming the media, Dave supports people not throwing away their vote, and Shaun supports himself for president.

Episode 066 (10/25/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
IN THE GROCERY STORE (HD) — The guys talk about how to pick up chicks at the supermarket and the benefits of online grocery shopping, then build their own stores in Buzz Questions with special guest Jason Hagerty. Also, Chris loves cockroaches, Dave loves his faithful minions, and Shaun loves girls too much to ever talk to them.

Episode 065 (10/18/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Getting Too Comfortable (HD) — The guys talk about the benefits of having a giant bed, discuss how someone might end up searching for herself, and tell people to be more considerate in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris takes on the other cast members, Dave makes fun of short people, and Shaun pitches the new ATB calendar.

Episode 064 (10/11/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Don’t Have Children (HD) — The guys read through horrifying stories of kids (and parents) gone bad, including murder over karaoke and violence over orange juice. Also, Chris stumbles through his cartoon memories, Dave commits a crime during the song break, and Shaun finally snaps at the end of the episode.

Episode 063 (10/04/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Making Sexy Weird (HD) — The guys unveil a rich new sound with new equipment, and use it to figure out why someone would marry their dad or have sex with a ghost. Also, Chris is bitter about the Chili Peppers concert, Dave struggles with more first-world problems, and Shaun unveils his new chicken sound effect.

Episode 062 (09/27/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Good Call, Bad Call — The guys talk about the NFL’s referee fiasco, discuss all the ways ninjas could be useful enforcers, and reminisce about board games in Buzzkill. Also, Chris keeps trying to get rich quick, Dave suffers a horrific knee injury while sumo wrestling, and Shaun might be a racist at work.

Episode 061 (09/20/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Razing Arizona — The guys talk about their home state in not-so-glowing terms, fight off poisonous and expensive scorpions, and fulfill one of Dave’s wishes in Buzz Off. Also, Chris gets bitter in Buzzerbeater, Dave gives Shaun some relationship advice, and Shaun decides he doesn’t like Arizona.

Episode 060 (09/13/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Fight the Power — The guys join the revolution by fighting for a man fired for a joke from the 60s and a 5-year-old kid wearing dresses, and answer mail in Buzz In. Also, Chris reads lavish praise from colleagues, Dave tries to be the biggest playa of the group, and Shaun worries about a Ross Perot mech.

Episode 059 (09/06/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Flying the Sexy Skies — The guys decide whether fat people and babies should be allowed on airplanes and discover that people like being naked at airports. Also, Chris is upset about Michael Clarke Duncan, Dave thinks Mr. Miyagi is Mr. McGuy, and Shaun thinks an elephant makes a noise like a cow.

Episode 058 (08/30/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
You Can’t Handle the Truth — The guys try to stop pregnant mothers from drinking, tell off an insecure crazy woman, and make truthful lists in Buzzcut. Also, Chris recites bits from A Few Good Men, Dave hates those who abuse the legal system, and Shaun asks if anyone wants to shave his ass.

Episode 057 (08/23/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Getting Schooled — The guys dip into the nostalgia pool for an entire school episode, try to beat third-graders at predicting the future, and introduce a newish segment that sounds familiar. Also, Chris enjoyed hurting other kids, Dave had a sad breakup in seventh grade, and Shaun had the worst childhood ever.

Episode 056 (08/16/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
This Week in Awesome — The guys discuss the risks of movies coming to life, applaud the choice of music for a gymnast’s routine, and bring back a forgotten segment in Buzz Off. Also, Chris becomes a wrestling announcer, Dave leaves for the beach mid-show, and Shaun wets the bed.

Episode 055 (08/09/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
What — The guys sift through some baffling news, like boys having sex with cows and people trading babies for trucks, and run through another big collection of letters in Buzz In. Also, Chris tries to figure out why Aladdin was emo, Dave makes steak out of a bad situation, and Shaun screws up the definition of hooking up.

Episode 054 (08/02/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Small Town Girl — The guys try out karaoke, throw Buzz Off into the lead segment because they can, and finally unveil a new sound effect in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris unloads some grocery store bitterness, Dave hates being ganged up on, and Shaun invents an imaginary Irish grandmother.

Episode 053 (07/26/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Buzzer Hearts — The guys welcome contest winner Nick Fiala as a special guest, figure out which drinks will kill them, and put together the perfect(?) boy band in Buzz Questions. Also, Chris puts his streak on the line, Dave channels his inner Eminem, and Shaun says his dream is to be struck by lightning.

Episode 052 (07/19/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Kicking the Bucket — The guys wonder if kidnapping is the best way to meet girls, sing a Tim McGraw song, and plan out the perfect death in Buzzcut. Also, Chris breaks one of the Genie’s quid pro quo, Dave turns Buzzerbeater back into a lightning round, and Shaun says all nicknames for money suck.

Episode 051 (07/12/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Get Off The Phone, Ass — The guys wonder why everyone’s so high on bath salts, introduce a new segment about weird searches on Google, and throw away antiquated ideas in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris laments the death of newspapers, Dave laments the death of Steve Nash, and Shaun laments the death of the Academy Awards.

Episode 050 (07/05/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Halfway There (HD) — The guys celebrate making it to 50 episodes with a new intro, new music, singing cats, an entirely live show and the biggest Buzz In you’ve ever heard. Also, Chris is ready to recruit a hot girl on Craigslist, Dave treads on dangerous waters with his fiancee, and Shaun almost kills someone at a funeral.

Episode 049 (06/28/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Passing the Smell Test — The guys discuss Adele’s magical powers, talk about the hottest new trend — pheromone dating, and finally discuss one of the best games of 2011 in Buzzkill. Also, Chris proposes scratch-and-sniff websites, Dave forms a brief alliance with Shaun, and Shaun continue to workshop his accents.

Episode 048 (06/21/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Women Are Craaaazy
The guys highlight the weirdest female stories in the news, give their favorites for what they like in a girl, and try not to alienate half their audience in Buzz Off. Also, Chris says most women don’t need makeup, Dave becomes the first person to hate the DMV, and Shaun says the longest sentence in recorded history.

Episode 047 (06/14/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Six Months Left — The guys welcome back Gary Sundt to talk about crazy stories now that we’re six months away from the end of the world and try to survive without air conditioning in Phoenix — which leads to a very strange Buzzcut. Also, Chris takes on the instant internet era, Dave can’t stop being a hipster, and Shaun struggles to put together sentences.

Episode 046 (06/07/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stranger
— The guys recount Shaun’s miraculous skydiving survival, discuss the logistics of a real-life cat helicopter, and decide which conventions of society make the cut in Buzzsaw. Also, Chris gets stuck with a bad order at Subway, Dave wins a prize he never wanted, and Shaun decides on a nickname for his penis.

Episode 045 (05/31/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Ew, Gross — The guys find fingers in their sandwiches, inject super glue in people’s butts, and blast through the reader mailbag in Buzz In. Also, Chris makes everyone uncomfortable, Dave successfully references a movie, and Shaun prepares to die when he goes skydiving.

Episode 044 (05/17/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Game, Set, Match — The guys freak out about spiders hunting in groups, revolutionize the game of tennis, and choose their preferred method of torture in Buzz Off. Also, Chris fills in to read Headlines, Dave tries to deny that he’s a hipster, and Shaun botches a musical plug for a legal agency.

Episode 043 (05/10/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Cutting Edge — The guys shake down 4-year-old girls for bombs, stand up for childhood icon Bill Nye, and introduce a brand-new segment called Buzzsaw. Also, Chris tries not to succumb to the plague, Dave makes a major announcement about his life, and Shaun workshops his British accent.

Episode 042 (05/03/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
White Trash
— The guys talk about the penalties for elaborate lies, discuss the newest (and dumbest) teenage trend, and find themselves getting along surprisingly well in Buzz Off. Also, Chris is too big and too old for kids meals, Dave offers his body for a million dollars, and Shaun eats a grilled cheese sandwich out of the garbage.

Episode 041 (04/26/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Gym Class Zeroes — The guys welcome back special guest Jason Hagerty, discuss the finer points of a night club for pre-teens, and explain their imaginary celebrity status in Buzz Questions. Also, Chris plans a movie scene with Scarlett Johannsen, Dave wants pool parties to go back to having swimming, and Shaun nearly gets in a fight while riding his bike.

Episode 040 (04/19/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Dinner with Marty’s Kids — The guys talk about booby-trapped speed bumps, figure out the best items you could steal from a movie, and lay down the law in top-three lists in Buzzcut. Also, Chris plots to steal Dave’s wallet to buy ice cream, Dave fails to see the whole picture on teleporters, and Shaun would rather eat dinner with Satan than Jesus.

Episode 039 (04/12/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Who Buys Soap in Boxes Anymore? — The guys return to normal after the April Fools episode, get on their pulpits for three issue-based Headlines, and run through a litany of reader responses in Buzz In. Also, Chris doesn’t back down from threats, Dave gets a phone call in the middle of the show, and Shaun leaps past Rick Santorum in the presidential race.

Episode 038 (04/05/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
April Fools Episode — The guys switch up roles, discuss the finer points of intergalactic fork bending, and put together the list of best floozles in Buzzkill. Also, Chris invents a new form of transportation called Haagen-Dash, Dave talks about his trip to Orbitron 6, and Shaun enters an alternate reality where kittens are kings and men are slaves.

Episode 037 (03/22/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Bring Out Your Dead — The guys talk about people dying at imitation parties and sending emails after they’re already dead, use improv to determine a legal ruling, and plow through reader submissions in Buzz In. Also, Chris makes a plea to radio stations, Dave recounts his boring trip to Vegas, and Shaun tries to plug his new website over Dave’s confusion.

Episode 036 (03/15/12): Download | TalkShoe| iTunes
Three and a Half Men
— The guys try to atone for their Valentines Day bias with an all-guy-bashing episode, put teenage punks in their place, and dissect The Hangover in the long-awaited return of Buzzkill. Also, Chris mentions his ridiculously high metabolism, Dave tells more stories about Vegas, and Shaun stumbles through the worst sentence ever known to man.

Episode 035 (03/08/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Human and Dancer
— The guys settle a debate on the bad lyrics of a song, celebrate Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday, and choose between exciting options in Buzz Off. Also, Chris hates his own upcoming birthday, Dave makes sure everyone knows he loves steak, and Shaun regales the entire audience with tales of barf.

Episode 034 (03/01/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Won’t Somebody Think of the Children
— The guys battle the odds and avoid skipping another episode, run through three dumb teenager headlines, and fight for list supremacy in Buzzcut. Also, Chris confesses his love for Gaston, Dave talks about sucking it and getting the juice, and Shaun finally drops his world-renowned Arnold impression.

Episode 033 (02/23/12): Download | TalkShoe| iTunes
King of the Sea Jungle
— The guys fight through sickness to avoid skipping an episode, talk about professions and how they’re linked to fate, and run through a litany of listener comments in Buzz In. Also, Chris would be the scariest teacher ever, Dave turns into a crotchety old man, and Shaun admits to being extremely gullible.

Episode 032 (02/16/12): Download | TalkShoe| iTunes
1st Anniversary Special
— The guys celebrate their first year of existence with returning guest Jason Hagerty, vomit up a bacon milkshake, and introduce a new segment with a dumb name. Also, Chris becomes the all-time champion, Dave gets a drinking game for when he’s a misogynist, and Shaun attempts genocide on Richard Simmons.

Episode 031 (02/09/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Valentine’s Day Special
— The guys focus on love, relationships, how girls are traitors, and do a Buzzcut with Valentine’s-specific top three lists — all with the help of special guest Gary Sundt. Also, Chris delivers a serious message, Dave reveals his favorite places to cry, and Shaun attempts to turn the episode into karaoke.

Episode 030 (02/02/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
All the Boys, They Call Me Macarena — The guys attempt to break down the Super Bowl, use Lawrence Fishburne as an allegory for relationships, and manage to find common ground in a heartwarming Buzz Off. Also, Chris recounts a painful day in his life, Dave invents a new segment with an incomprehensible name, and Shaun confuses the Electric Slide for something else entirely.

Episode 029 (01/26/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries: Mace Windu — The guys discuss a breaking story: Mace Windu may have survived his fall in Coruscant — plus math questions with slavery and top three lists in Buzzcut. Also, Chris can’t seem to stop swearing on the show, Dave reveals a troubled part of his past, and Shaun decides he wants to be the host in the second half.

Episode 028 (01/19/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Tears for Fears
— The guys interview the newest addition to the ATB site, movie reviewer Gary Sundt, go through the reader mailbag in Buzz In, and somehow travel through time in the most raw episode yet. Also, Chris sums up a story with profanity, Dave is part of the 1 percent, and Shaun is distracted by what he calls “flocks of dogs.”

Episode 027 (01/12/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
One Buzzoff to Rule Them All — The guys try to reinvent the fortune cookie industry, dive into the science of how soda dissolves mice, and take on two huge movie franchises in a divisive Buzzoff. Also, Chris barely watches any movies, Dave has trouble with theoretical constructs, and Shaun sends Superman to kill the Swiss Family Robinsons.

Episode 026 (01/05/12): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
1st Annual New Year Awards (HD) — The guys welcome special guest Molly Robinson, wonder why all the kids like grinding these days, and hand out awards for the best of 2011 in Buzzcut — all in a supersized episode! Also, Chris takes a time machine to Pizza Hut, Dave thinks all Hispanic comedians are Carlos Mencia, and Shaun continues to freak out about airplanes.

Episode 025 (12/22/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
ATB Christmas Special — The guys run through holiday-themed headlines, marvel at the stupidity of mankind, and run through a slew of reader submissions in Buzz In. Also, Chris tells the story of the infamous Chicken Man, Dave pretends mail comes in bags with money signs on them, and Shaun decides to back down on his killing spree.

Episode 024 (12/15/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Raptor Sharks (HD) — The guys talk about unnecessary roughness, watch as a heartwarming story goes wrong, and decide between ferocious predators in Buzz Off. Also, Chris sits back while the other cast members fight, Dave likes bad sweaters, and Shaun details the weirdest and wildest weekend in the history of the world.

Episode 023 (12/08/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Three Types of Meat — The guys talk about passengers who had to fly the unfriendly skies, watch out for piranhas at the beach, and settle the score on Shaun’s girliest movies in Buzzcut. Also, Chris has the hookup for free Christmas trees, Dave wants to have a pet tiger, and Shaun stays in the closet to do the show.

Episode 022 (12/01/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Enter the Buzzkill — The guys debut an epic new Buzzerbeater intro, lobby for more balls in schools, and welcome back a forgotten segment by Buzzkilling “The Matrix.” Also, Chris recaps the worst Thanksgiving ever, Dave uncovers his rich school upbringing, and Shaun tries to learn slow-motion karate kicks.

Episode 021 (11/24/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
ATB Thanksgiving Special — The guys talk about their Thanksgiving plans, run through a Headlines segment full of food stories, do a Turkey Day Buzz Off and give thanks in Buzzerbeater. Also, Chris has to work on a holiday, Dave is confused by cavemen, and Shaun goes into a tunnel mid-episode.

Episode 020 (11/17/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys make fun of stupid practices in school, question the cognitive skills of a crazy Call of Duty player, and blow through a chunk of reader responses in Buzz In. Also, Chris wants to discipline students with a belt, Dave recounts a horrifying tale from years ago, and Shaun continues his campaign for “this year 2012 presidency thing.”

Episode 019 (11/10/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys talk about the show’s move to a weekly format, shun new gaming controller ideas, and put together top-three lists in a new segment called “Buzzcut.” Also, Chris roots for regular humans against superheroes, Dave regrets a crazy past relationship, and Shaun shows off his so-called deep voice.

Episode 018 (11/03/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
(HD) The guys welcome special guest Andy Smith into the studio, bring Mute Baby back on the show, and choose between three great options in a meat-filled Buzz Off. Also, Chris wins at golf thanks to a new rule, Dave is sad about Bambi’s mom being dead, and Shaun tries and fails to do the outro.

Episode 017 (10/20/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys decide whether vampires are real, debate whether bears should drive cars, and go through a mountain of reader submissions in Buzz In. Also, Chris hates being the employee of the month, Dave loses money in Las Vegas, and Shaun explains the growing vampire epidemic.

Episode 016 (10/06/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys talk about the possibilities of glow-in-the-dark cats,  find their first good sign of humanity in Headlines, and somehow manage to choose between Master Chief and Marcus Fenix in Buzz Off. Also, Chris wonders about the dangers of doing the show, Dave gets spit on at Six Flags, and Shaun writes jingles for commercials — all in the best episode of ATB yet.

Episode 015 (09/22/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys feel sorry for screwed-up kids, question the effectiveness of fireworks as a wake-up call, and pick apart Ocarina of Time in Buzzkill. Also, Chris calls out shoddy journalism, Dave reveals his hatred of needles, and Shaun recommends My Magic Pony as children’s reading.

Episode 014 (09/08/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys detail exciting changes for the show, stop trying to find excuses for lazy people, and read through their first legitimate e-mail in Buzz In. Also, Chris manages to win an entire segment, Dave fears for his foot’s safety, and Shaun repeatedly offers money to listeners.

Episode 013 (08/28/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
There are dangerous cats, whiny preteen wanna be stars, a Buzz Off between ridiculously tasty food off the grill, and a new segment called Buzzerbeater that isn’t really that new. Also, Chris creates the first kitten serial killer, Dave tells us if Molly survived the hurricane, and Shaun tries and fails to agree with everything.

Episode 012 (07/31/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
(HD) The guys are in studio with special guest Jason Hagerty, discuss a ranking of restaurant chains, and fend off bad questions in a somewhat wacky Buzz In. Also, Chris suggests stabbing as punishment, Dave insults a dead kid, and Shaun destroys logic with science.

Episode 011 (07/17/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys put together an abbreviated show, investigate the science of frog communication, and start the day off right with a breakfast Buzz Off. Also, Chris ruins the idea of hand tattoos, Dave gives a lesson on <3, and Shaun produces his most spite-filled episode.

Episode 010 (06/27/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys figure out their preferred superpower, explain dying at your own funeral, and pick apart Final Fantasy VII in a controversial Buzzkill. Also, Chris ruins the outro, Dave becomes a man after a video game scene, and Shaun invites all of Chicago to steal his car.

Episode 009 (06/12/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys review the news from E3, pick apart the fattiest lasagna in history, and settle the console war in a divisive Buzz Off. Also, Chris picks the women he’ll save in the zombie apocalypse, Dave puts the Miami Heat on blast, and Shaun ruins kids on go-kart tracks.

Episode 008 (05/23/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys eliminate the lead segment, answer a question about long-distance relationships in the latest Buzz In, and toss two listeners into the Hate Round. Also, Chris ignores the Rapture, Dave has a drinking race with wine, and Shaun finds a happy ending in a desolate story.

Episode 007 (05/15/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys review the blockbuster game Portal 2, dispute the idea that arcade machines in pizza places encourage gambling, and engage in a high-octane Buzz Off about board games. Also, Chris laments the lack of skill in Monopoly, Dave yells at his friends in co-op games, and Shaun is a horse.

Episode 006 (04/27/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys do a eulogy for the Suns’ season, debate the usefulness of realism in sports video games, and read letters from fans in a new segment called Buzz In. Also, Chris struggles with the English language due to illness, Dave hates Alanis Morissette songs, and Shaun drudges up his alcoholic past.

Episode 005 (04/10/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys discuss the release of the Nintendo 3DS, bring up the horrors of punishment in schools, and settle the debate between kitties and puppies in a high-octane Buzz Off. Also, Chris tells middle school kids to shut up, Dave rushes the show to get to a Star Trek convention, and Shaun is deathly afraid of bees.

Episode 004 (04/03/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys discuss a song that’s all about fun, fun, fun, fun, wonder why British people think lightsabers are real, and rework “Back to the Future” in a new segment called Buzzkill. Also, Chris wants school buses to explode, Dave confesses to his desire to smash all of Shaun’s stuff, and Shaun fears stalker hobos on online dating sites.

Episode 003 (03/17/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
(HD) The guys try to explain the success of March Madness, curse humanity’s inability to fly, and pick between early ’90s Disney movies in a new segment called Buzz Off. Also, Chris hates lion puns, Dave reveals his disturbing way of eating 3 Musketeers, and Shaun talks about his Subway customer of the month plaque — all in HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO.

Episode 002 (03/07/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The guys describe their feelings on Vince Carter, explain why kids these days are stupid, and preview this summer’s upcoming Wii game, “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.” Also, Chris admits to having no muscles whatsoever, Dave discusses the nuances of Lifetime’s TV schedule, and Shaun confesses to being an avid fan fiction writer.

Episode 001 (02/12/11): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
(ANTI-HD) In the inaugural episode, the guys review the You Don’t Know Jack video game, talk about cell phone use bringing down planes, and unsuccessfully debate the Suns’ (now nonexistent) playoff chances. Also, Chris gives up on marrying Maria Sharapova, Dave confronts his morning hatred, and Shaun complains about plastic instruments shutting down his love life.

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