About Us

Objection Network is a pop culture extravaganza with a weekly podcast every Thursday at noon, daily Let’s Play videos, and a bevy of blog posts for your enjoyment.

We cover everything from video games, anime and movies to music, books and idiots in the news. And yes, everybody here loves Phoenix Wright, thank you for asking.

This whole thing was started as At the Buzzer in February 2011, the brainchild of three men desperate for attention. It’s slightly related to an old Flagstaff radio show from 2008, kinda like how Frasier was slightly related to Cheers. In other words, we’re all getting old and it’s a little depressing.

The Crew

Chris runs a lot of the behind-the-scenes work for the website, the podcast and the YouTube channel. He’s tall and people say he scowls a lot.

Michelle posts about books and music and has a hard time going four sentences without mentioning her cat. She says that Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth are married.

Shaun writes about video games and movies and had the worst childhood in the history of mankind. He thinks everything in the world is a potential killer.


Dave used to write for the site and was on almost 200 episodes of the podcast, but then he got married and had kids and now he’s dead.

Michaela chips in every other week or so and fills the anime void on the website.