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Episode 257 (12/22/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
ATB Christmas Special V (HD)  
— The gang welcomes Michelle to the annual holiday special, and looks at trees, gingerbread houses and traditions. Also, Chris takes an unpopular stand, Michelle befriends a family of raccoons, and Shaun throws some of his family under the bus.

Episode 256 (12/15/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Gotta Rank ‘Em All (HD) — The gang gives an in-depth review of Pokemon Sun and Moon, including new mechanics, new creatures and new ideas. Also, Chris offers a different perspective, Michelle invents a new monster called Sniffdog, and Shaun looks for more Avengers in his Pokemon.

Episode 255 (12/08/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Insert Title Here (HD) — The gang runs down a few video games like Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, Last Guardian and Last of Us 2. Also, Chris starts a fight with Michaela, Michelle makes a heartwarming animal friend, and Shaun wants the whole story.

Episode 254 (12/01/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Tripped a Fan (HD) — The gang talks about their Thanksgiving breaks and the fading importance of Black Friday. Also, Chris encourages animal hazing, Michelle continues to love her ice children, and Shaun makes two vegans fight to the death.

Episode 253 (11/17/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Chelle Shock (HD) — The gang welcomes Michelle back to Flagstaff, covers some breaking video game news and dives into some Rapid Reviews. Also, Chris gets a Valentine’s Day disappointment, Michelle has a new obsession, and Shaun expects the intro to be about him.

Episode 252 (11/10/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Awesomeness Cubed (HD) — The gang looks back at the GameCube on its 15th anniversary, including all the best games, then awkwardly talks about the election before it happens. Also, Chris relives some of his best memories, Dave emerges from the ether, and Shaun has a negotiation breakdown.

Episode 251 (11/03/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Hail to the Queef (HD) — (WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE) The gang previews the 2016 election and makes an official endorsement. Also, Chris lets loose the shackles of profanity, Michelle gets lost in the mind of Trump, and Shaun removes himself from consideration.

Episode 250 (10/27/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Switch It Up (HD) — The gang talks about the Walking Dead premiere and the reveal of the Nintendo Switch trailer — and what it means for hipsters. Also, Chris wants to go back to the basics, Michelle stands up for unpopular opinions, and Shaun makes things personal yet again.

Episode 249 (10/20/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Fat Cats (HD) — The gang recovers from their long Phoenix Wright episode by talking about purple Garfield in Pokemon and why buff cats are the worst. Also, Chris has officially been broken by the election, Michelle pulls a disappearing act, and Shaun wants to heckle the defenseless.

Episode 248 (10/13/16): Download (Part 1) (Part 2) | TalkShoe | iTunes
The Wright Stuff (HD) — The gang spends more than two hours dissecting Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice, all of the relevant pairings, and the series as a whole. Also, Chris gets ready to marry a digital girl, Michelle doesn’t see age as a hindrance, and Shaun has to leave the room.

Episode 247 (10/06/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Eat Me (HD) — The gang looks at the gap between what nutritionists think are healthy foods, and what regular people do. Also, Chris wants a runback on eighth-grade romance, Michelle embraces her destined life in Portland, and Shaun finds spiders in all things.

Episode 246 (09/29/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
20 Years of 64 (HD) — The gang looks back at the Nintendo 64 on its 20th anniversary, including the best and worst games and its bizarre controller. Also, Chris makes unpopular choices, Michelle gets blindsided by shade, and Shaun recounts a destroyed childhood friendship.

Episode 245 (09/22/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Shaun Demand (HD) — The gang circles the wagons when Shaun is ravaged by illness, as the remaining cast members sound off of neighbors who suck and being homesick. Also, Chris tells a neverending story, and Michelle does her very best Phoenix Wright impression.

Episode 244 (09/15/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Ride the Rapids (HD) — The gang plays catch-up on months of releases with a supersized Rapid Reviews, and reviews a recent concert. Also, Chris judges two games he hasn’t finished, Michelle writes her sparse last will, and Shaun has no interest in Michelle’s cat.

Episode 243 (09/08/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Cover Your Ears (HD) — The gang embarks on a serious discussion about women who are wearing headphones and misguided social justice warriors. Also, Chris tries to play dumb, Michelle wants to reach the unreachable, and Shaun quickly gives up on an idea.

Episode 242 (09/01/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Virtually Nothing (HD) — The gang changes up the formula as Shaun hosts (kinda), introduces a new segment (sorta) and defends his honor in Blank Check (maybe). Also, Chris gets surprisingly anal, Michelle wilts under the pressure, and Shaun watches for spiders in the toilet.

Episode 241 (08/25/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Mahalo, Aloha (HD) — The gang goes over Chris’ vacation to Hawaii, including crazy sights, crazy prices, crazy waterfalls and crazy trolleys. Also, Chris doesn’t touch the water at all, Michelle is revitalized by a Pokemon game, and Shaun isn’t an elitist — until he totally is.

Episode 240 (08/11/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
A Five-Ring Circus (HD) — The gang talks about the Summer Olympics, the death of Suicide Squad, and speculations about the upcoming NX. Also, Chris channels a voice of the voiceless, Michelle enjoys watching people suffer, and Shaun draws a line in the sand with Nintendo.

Episode 239 (08/04/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The Game Plan (HD) — The gang looks ahead to the busy fall video game lineup and decides what to buy and not buy. Also, Chris has a disturbing vision about DC fans, Michelle prepares herself for emotional devastation, and Shaun is honest about his regretful purchases.

Episode 238 (07/28/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
When It Rains — The gang catalogs a very strange week, including one where lightning fried a soundboard and made Chris sad. Also, Chris leaves two swear words in the show, Michelle really loves her cat if you haven’t heard, and Shaun learns about horrible ways to die.

Episode 237 (07/21/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Who Ya Gonna Call (HD) — The gang talks about the backlash to the newest Ghostbusters movie, and somehow that turns into a political episode as well. Also, Chris struggles with the system, Michelle wants to die for a few months, and Shaun makes a late bid for the election.

Episode 236 (07/14/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
A Monster Debut (HD) — The gang does what everyone else is doing and talks about the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, and their favorite pocket monsters. Also, Chris tries to avoid cheap Chinese knockoffs, Michelle is secretly a powerful vampiress, and Shaun brings up classic childhood disses.

Episode 235 (07/07/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Nerd Salad (HD) — The gang tackles a surprisingly wide variety of topics, like Michelle’s new fling and goofy voices and word games and Kevin Durant. Also, Chris has an entire month’s worth of bitterness, Michelle cracks under the pressure, and Shaun begins his quest for Clefables.

Episode 234 (06/30/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Breath of Fresh Air (HD) — The gang gathers everyone together after a three-week gap and takes a long look at the new Zelda game coming up. Also, Chris can’t keep his biases under control, Michelle tells protagonists to take off their shirts, and Shaun is definitely not a hypochondriac.

Episode 233 (06/23/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The Songs of Summer (HD) — The gang looks at the biggest musical releases from Memorial Day to Labor Day since 1985. Also, Chris becomes the last trustworthy person, Michelle questions how much of a hipster she is, and Shaun lobbies for a tryout on America’s Got Talent.

Episode 232 (06/09/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Child Fractions (HD) — As Chris disappears into a long vacation, Dave rejoins the show to talk about childrens, politics, and the politics of dead childrens at the zoo. Also, Chris ignores babies until they can crawl, and Dave restarts his blood feud with Facebook.

Episode 231 (06/02/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Just the Tip (HD) — The gang tackles a variety of subjects like tipping in tweener restaurants and fancy language earpieces and superbugs of death. Also, Chris is frightened by overseas travel, Michelle gasps eight times within a minute, and Shaun follows a downer with another downer.

Episode 230 (05/26/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Let’s Be Civil (HD) — The gang goes in-depth on Captain America: Civil War in a spoiler-filled review. Also, Chris feels bad for Tony Stark’s trauma, Michelle feels bad for anyone measuring up to Black Panther’s ass, and Shaun feels bad for anyone who thought he wasn’t Team Cap all the way.

Episode 229 (05/19/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Who’s That Pokemon? (HD) — The gang changes the format of the show and welcomes Michelle back to Flagstaff with a special guest. Also, Chris exposes a decades-old stigma, Michelle keeps the torch burning for Phoenix Wright’s OTP, and Shaun wants 10-year-olds to step it up.

Episode 228 (05/12/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Shaun Hiatus (HD) — The gang fills in for Shaun by running the Chris-Michelle pairing you’ve always (never?) wanted — with no structure whatsoever. Also, Chris has three different grievances with Facebook, and Michelle tries to keep expanding her musical horizons.

Episode 227 (05/05/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Face the Music (HD) — The gang uses a tournament-style bracket to help figure out what was the worst song since 1990. Also, Chris is ignored by the universe, Michelle becomes a high roller, and Shaun breaks down the convenience of The Walking Dead’s zombies.

Episode 226 (04/28/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Free-For-All (HD) — The gang decides that any topics are fair game, so transgender bathrooms, house hunting, screenplays and Zelda all come up. Also, Chris hates the old bait-and-switch routine, Michelle moves into a perilous situation, and Shaun is the center of the universe.

Episode 225 (04/21/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
To Forgive, Divine (HD) — The gang decides whether forgiveness or permanent revenge pacts are a better choice for long-term health. Also, Chris finds a new use for animal porn, Michelle finds herself unable to let anything go, and Shaun explores all the fun of having a beard.

Episode 224 (04/14/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Hell Hath No Fury (HD) — The gang welcomes back Michelle because Dave is having a son mid-episode or something. Also, Chris stands up for journalists everywhere, Michelle is sucked into a world of dragons and dungeons, and Shaun runs old tricks on new people.

Episode 223 (04/07/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson (HD) — The gang sends Dave away to go have a second kid or something, so the talk is about that and other current issues. Also, Chris questions the futility of internet arguments, and Dave revisits his favorite moments in the history of sports.

Episode 222 (03/31/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Yawn of Injustice (HD) — The gang takes a spoiler-filled look at the spring’s hottest(?) movie, Batman v Superman, and all of its potential problems. Also, Chris begins a blood feud with Zack Snyder, Dave wants to keep Shaun away from his current and future children, and Shaun promises to be a cool grandpa.

Episode 221 (03/24/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Sports Ball! (HD) — The gang returns to its roots by talking about sports, like a baseball player’s love for his son and a man who laments his own creation. Also, Chris sends a not-so-veiled message, Dave throws shade on Arizona voters, and Shaun returns to his roots.

Episode 220 (03/17/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Memory Lane (HD) — The gang looks at some of the best movie quotes in history, then sets the tone for future generations in Time Capsule. Also, Chris continues becoming an old man, Dave fights off an intruder, and Shaun shows his mastery of poker.

Episode 219 (03/10/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Spank Bank (HD) — The gang straddles a slippery slope, talking about different pornography subjects in Headlines and making lists in Countdown. Also, Chris throws himself under the bus, Dave wonders about step-sisters, and Shaun searches for something more tangible.

Episode 218 (03/03/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Nom Nom Nominees — The gang jumps into the middle of Oscar night while preparing for Super Tuesday with a special Blank Check. Also, Chris was almost kinda famous maybe one time, Dave drops another of his famous impressions, and Shaun tries to steal points at every turn.

Episode 217 (02/25/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Comic Relief (HD) — The gang takes advantage of Dave being in Flagstaff (and seeing a newly released movie) to cover topics they never thought imaginable. Also, Chris sentences himself to a sexy death, Dave sends a beautiful woman to hell, and Shaun gets down to the nitty-gritty.

Episode 216 (02/18/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Fallout Fallout (HD) — The gang uses Dave’s absence to finally review one of the most anticipated titles of 2015: Fallout 4! Also, Chris sides with robots and romances all the companions, and Shaun sides with robots and wants the Brotherhood of Steel to die in a fire.

Episode 215 (02/11/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
High Five! (HD) — The gang celebrates the show’s five-year anniversary by waxing nostalgic and making fun of Dave, as is tradition. Also, Chris is like a crazy person on a bus, Dave questions the rules of the universe, and Shaun still thinks airplanes are flying death traps.

Episode 214 (02/04/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Tabletop Adventures (HD) — The gang delves into Dave’s first time playing Dungeons and Dragons, then destroys their childhoods in Time Capsule. Also, Chris loses even more of his patience, Dave loves his wife, and Shaun misses his first-ever episode — but a familiar voice fills in.

Episode 213 (01/28/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Cardinal Sin (HD) — The guys try and fail to keep it real in Real Talk, then battle to the death in another very close game of Blank Check. Also, Chris loses his mind over $2 screws, Dave gets blamed for everything again, and Shaun finally embraces his own topic.

Episode 212 (01/21/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Sick and Tired (HD) — The guys try to survive an entire episode despite having the plague or the flu or something, while Saving Society at the same time. Also, Chris can barely get through a sentence, Dave goes under the bus three times, and Shaun talks a little about Michael Jordan.

Episode 211 (01/14/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Net Result (HD) — The guys look at some lasting impacts of the internet, including some of the biggest jerks of 2015, then have to go fast in Rapid Reviews. Also, Chris has a huge source of hatred exposed, Dave is a pop culture savant, and Shaun plans to punish vegetarians in the apocalypse.

Episode 210 (01/07/16): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Celestial Battles (HD) — The guys celebrate Dave’s viewing of a major motion picture by devoting an entire episode to the phenomenon known as Star Wars. Also, Chris praises a return to form, Dave defends his Blank Check championship, and Shaun leaves the movie theater wanting more.

Episode 209 (12/31/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Year In, Year Out (HD) — The guys say goodbye to 2015 by looking at Facebook’s biggest trends and going five deep in a supersized Countdown. Also, Chris takes several unpopular stances, Dave dives head-first into pop culture, and Shaun shuns two years because he’s sick.

Episode 208 (12/17/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
ATB Christmas Special IV (HD) — The guys welcome the holiday season for the fourth time by throwing away the news and introducing a new segment. Also, Chris finds himself on the losing end, Dave staves off a late comeback, and Shaun sings all the classic Christmas hits.

Episode 207 (12/10/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Evolution is a Mystery (HD) — The guys tackle some changing trends in the world today, then make some difficult decisions on nostalgia favorites in Time Capsule. Also, Chris buries people alive, Dave ponders the circle of life, and Shaun reads a news story while the show is live.

Episode 206 (12/03/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
My Generation (HD) — The guys return from the holiday break full of hot and tasty opinions and a look at some changing trends. Also, Chris takes down an institution, Dave finds himself in a sea of negativity, and Shaun institutes and then forgets about a points system.

Episode 205 (11/19/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Courting Controversy (HD) — The gang dives head-first into the Starbucks cup debate while trying to find a vanishing cast member. Also, Chris plays with toys he probably shouldn’t, Dave avoids being an anonymous troll, and Shaun breaks down all the presidential candidates.

Episode 204 (11/12/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Work It, Baby (HD) — The gang tackles the workforce like never before, examining people who bring their kids and a desk specifically meant for napping. Also, Chris predicts a total collapse, Dave completely undersells a major announcement, and Shaun wants more info about a duel to the death.

Episode 203 (11/05/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
All Grown Up (HD) — The gang decides that they’re adults and as such, they can talk about adult things like Chuck E. Cheese and recess. Also, Chris is an expert at counting to 10, Dave forbids his kids from doing anything, and Shaun decides that 12 strikes is too many strikes.

Episode 202 (10/29/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Bucking the Trends (HD) — The gang deviates from the formula in several ways before bringing in sound effects for Saving Society. Also, Chris wins an unplanned profanity contest, Dave gets to address his restaurant pet peeve, and Shaun is carried off by aggressive lobsters.

Episode 201 (10/22/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Down to a Science (HD) — The gang tackles a trio of scientific headlines, introduces new bumpers, and then rapidly reviews stuff. Also, Chris revolts against childhood chores, Dave gets cold at the drop of a hat (or thermostat), and Shaun reminisces about his favorite video game system.

Episode 200 (10/15/15): Part 1 | Part 2 | TalkShoe | iTunes
Prime Number  (HD) — The gang takes on so many segments and special guests that their bicentennial episode has to be split into two parts. Also, Chris does ridiculous amounts of work, Dave makes a shocking life announcement, and Shaun gets killed off by other cast members.

Episode 199 (10/08/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Calm Before the Storm (HD) — The gang returns from an absence and goes in hard on serious topics like the presidential election and the pope in Real Talk. Also, Chris blasts a huge minimum wage increase, Dave blasts Kim Davis’ situation, and Shaun blasts Dave’s chances of being a pro athlete.

Episode 198 (09/24/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Have Podcast, Will Travel — The gang switches things up as Chris heads to Phoenix and Molly joins the show and tries not to ruin it. Also, Chris nails a punch line, Dave has dad jokes at the ready, Molly competes with Shaun for worst childhood, and Shaun imagines prizes for listeners.

Episode 197 (09/17/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Space Jam (HD) — The gang completely ignores last week’s show while everyone debates whether some recent headlines are Fair or Foul. Also, Chris finally gets Shaun to crack, Dave makes a case for work in space, and Shaun wants to take the thinking out of marriage.

Episode 196 (09/10/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Fantasy Dave (HD) — The gang makes up for Dave’s absence by inviting a stranger to come on in the middle of the episode, then blames Dave for everything that happens anyway. Also, Chris wants to see everyone rip off their suits, and Shaun takes issue with a slight against Meryl Streep.

Episode 195 (09/03/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
That’s News to Me (HD) — The gang tackles a trio of serious headlines, from the Ashley Madison hack to a disturbing article on how to date 9-year-old boys. Also, Chris is successfully becoming an old man, Dave faces a shocking accusation from Shaun, and Shaun levels a shocking accusation at Dave.

Episode 194 (08/27/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
In the Public Eye (HD) — The gang considers the possibility of a 10-story-high see-through pool and a public restroom in a sustainable Headlines segment. Also, Chris does a disappearing act for five minutes, Dave loses a fight with his internet service, and Shaun becomes a 40-year-old woman.

Episode 193 (08/20/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Changing Your Tune (HD) — The gang tries to adapt with the times until an unsettling headline hits them square in the mouth. Also, Chris is really good with his hands, Dave gets insulted when he least expects it, and Shaun wants absolute silence while he’s in the bathroom.

Episode 192 (08/13/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
A Future Most Foul (HD) — The gang brings back a relatively new segment, then delivers the realest talk ever in Real Talk. Also, Chris watches helplessly as cars explode, Dave tries to fight against being a 1 percenter, and Shaun gives up hope on anything ever being happy ever.

Episode 191 (08/06/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Fill Me Up (HD) — The gang deals with Dave’s sporadic schedule by going on wild tangents in an all-Buzzerbeater show. Also, Chris loses his mind in the first 90 seconds, Dave becomes a housing tycoon, and Shaun talks about his newest addiction, in which he’s not alone…

Episode 190 (07/30/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Young at Heart (HD) — The gang plugs their ears and pretends they’re not old in Headlines, then breaks down top comedy movies in Buzzerbeater. Also, Chris returns a two-day-old game, Dave learns about youthful slang, and Shaun dives into his new workout regimen.

Episode 189 (07/16/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Buzzy Buzz McBuzzerson (HD) — The gang deals with Chris’s upcoming vacation week with stories of superheroes and fitness in an all-Buzzerbeater show. Also, Chris fades away into obscurity, Dave makes his first-ever Aquaman reference, and Shaun becomes the world’s worst supervillain.

Episode 188 (07/09/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Punctuation Marks (HD) — The gang takes on the challenge of an episode devoted to punctuation, with several unexpected twists along the way. Also, Chris fights a decade’s worth of instincts, Dave continues his descent into the geriatric, and Shaun bemoans the state of our legal system.

Episode 187 (07/02/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The World of Technology (HD) — The gang looks at some modern-day headlines, then tackles all the biggest news from E3 in an in-depth and timely segment. Also, Chris imagines bikes destroying cars, Dave writes fan fiction for Michael Jordan, and Shaun wants to make toddlers take tests.

Episode 186 (06/25/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Pick Me Up (HD) — The gang tries to help Chris through a bad week by looking at supposedly positive Headlines and then ranting in Buzzerbeater. Also, Chris has no time for games, Dave finds happiness in conjunctions, and Shaun gets paid off on a risky gamble.

Episode 185 (06/18/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Conventional Wisdom (HD) — The gang welcomes the return of a special guest, examines some new takes on old ideas, then goes nuts in Marry/Fbuck/Kill. Also, Chris gets awkward around kids again, Dave forces an innocent woman to die, and Shaun gets in a fight to the death with Tech Guy.

Episode 184 (06/11/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Meet the New Boss (HD) — The gang examines some new takes on old ideas, like dating and the Hamburglar, then goes down memory lane in Time Capsule. Also, Chris suddenly discovers hot lava, Dave suggests wearing a nice suit or nothing, and Shaun once again reveals he had a terrible childhood.

Episode 183 (06/04/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
She’s Gone (HD) — The gang is so despondent about there being no Michelle or Molly that the whole show falls into shambles, with no Headlines. Also, Chris has no illusions about being wealthy, Dave becomes a man of the people, and Shaun considers a let’s play series for a game he’s never played.

Episode 182 (05/28/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Farewell, Chelle Bell (HD) — The gang sends Michelle off to Portland by looking at relevant headlines and doing a strange Countdown with an expected twist. Also, Chris is mean, Dave plays to his audience, Michelle vanishes into the ether, and Shaun explains a bizarre social media presence.

Episode 181 (05/21/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Gutbusting Mythbusting (HD) — The gang tackles a slew of popular myths while trying to spread the most accurate information in history. Also, Chris worries about wives he hasn’t met yet, Dave dies in the middle of the show, Michelle washes dishes for fun, and Shaun decides to sing for the outro.

Episode 180 (05/14/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Fantasies Come True (HD) — The gang talks about their strangest dreams and wildest imaginations, then rapidly reviews things in Rapid Reviews. Also, Chris talks about everyone’s favorite kind of porn, Michelle praises the idea of sailing the seas forever, and Shaun has nightmares about a VR version of his dad.

Episode 179 (05/07/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The Times, They Are A-Changin’ (HD) — The gang is together in Flagstaff for the first and only time ever, and celebrates by bringing back a long-forgotten segment. Also, Chris has his most brilliant idea ever, Dave tries to cheat to win, Michelle tackles a segment she’s never done, and Shaun worries about bombs being delivered to his trunk.

Episode 178 (04/30/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Turnabout, Fair Play (HD) — The gang embarks on a new news segment called Fair or Foul with…interesting side effects, then keeps it real in Real Talk. Also, Chris has a plan for his 30s, Dave needs an accountabilibuddy, Michelle dreams up fan fiction for the cast, and Shaun has a knife stored safely in his butt.

Episode 177 (04/23/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Lay It On The Line (HD) — The gang investigates the perils of internet technology, from being fired for a tweet to breaking up friendships through text messages. Also, Chris has bitterness left over from his youth, Dave hammers on the youth of America, and Shaun produces his most pessimistic segment yet.

Episode 176 (04/16/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes

Episode 175 (04/09/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Strange Bedfellows (HD) — The gang tackles some bizarre and unrelated headlines and then switches gears for an Easter-themed Death Match with twists and turns. Also, Chris details his toe drama, Dave gets distracted mid-episode, Michelle goes off the deep end for cats, and Shaun struggles to understand ratios.

Episode 174 (03/26/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Hold That Thought (HD) — The gang tackles some serious topics in an extended version of Headlines, like fake friends and the school system and vaccinations. Also, Chris talks about himself in third person, Dave has his car broken into, Michelle is oblivious to March Madness, and Shaun goes on a silent protest.

Episode 173 (03/19/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Creative Spark (HD) — The gang tackles some slightly bizarre headlines before jumping headlong into an extended and fiery Buzzerbeater. Also, Chris is immune to Michelle’s psychic powers, Dave is unexcited about the new Star Wars, Michelle goes crazy by the end of the show, and Shaun thinks taxidermy isn’t creepy at all.

Episode 172 (03/12/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Poor Life Choices (HD) — The gang reviews some of the bad decisions that people make, like panicking in adversity or watching 300 TV episodes in a row. Also, Chris quickly disproves a theory, Dave reveals his own teacher crush, Michelle is attacked by a cast member, and Shaun forgets the meaning of the word “martyr.”

Episode 171 (03/05/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Beat the Buzzer (HD) — The gang dodges snow and rain and death to put together an all-Buzzerbeater show, with topics about hot professors, sexy fantasies, dress colors and effective writing. Also, Chris has about 80% of Michelle’s attention, Michelle describes the dreamiest teacher in the world, and Shaun wants to become a professor just to bang his students.

Episode 170 (02/26/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
People Suck (HD) — The gang runs through the most timely Oscars preview you’ve ever seen, then talks about sucky people dying, sucky people lying, and being the last person on Earth. Also, Chris decides to drop nukes on Africa, Dave explores a scenario where he’d do mountains of drugs, and Shaun invents a girl version of himself and makes out with it.

Episode 169 (02/19/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Word is the Word (HD) — The gang runs through some word-themed Headlines before tackling serious issues in a rapid-fire Saving Society. Also, Chris pulls off a shocking reveal in Buzzerbeater, Dave learns something new, Michelle misses a show’s worth of insults, and Shaun takes an unpopular position for the first time ever.

Episode 168 (02/12/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Get Out of My Brain (HD) — The gang talks about feelings and emotions and not sleeping enough, then throws the second half of the show into turmoil by skipping right to Buzzerbeater. Also, Chris creates a new television show, Dave predicts the future of a television show, and Shaun pretends he’s on a television show where he gets to say things about Michelle.

Episode 167 (02/05/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
The Technology of Tomorrow, TODAY (HD) — The gang briefly touches on the Super Bowl before moving on to fancy tech news, including a timely look at the ideas in the Back to the Future sequel. Also, Chris ruins someone’s review, Michelle talks about her days out in the sticks, and Shaun attacks Girl Scout Cookies without understanding them.

Episode 166 (01/29/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Buzzer Killington (HD) — The gang records a quick all-Buzzerbeater show because Chris is going out of town, reflecting on such topics as Oscar nominations and movies with too many stars. Also, Chris rues his German heritage, Dave finds himself in Gingertown, Michelle wants to be in the 100-meter speedwalking Olympics, and Shaun gets destroyed by Dwight Howard.

Episode 165 (01/22/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Work It, Baby (HD) — The gang tackles the difficult subject of work, like why everyone is stretched so thin and stealing things, then lists the worst things they’ve ever done at a job in Real Talk. Also, Chris mentions how he handles stress, Dave locks a friend in a freezer, Michelle nears a breaking point, and Shaun exposes himself as some kind of pervert.

Episode 164 (01/15/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Dave’s DIrty Thirty (HD) — The gang celebrates Dave turning 30 by doing an episode about things he likes — steak, grammar, Jeopardy, Sega Genesis, Nerf. Also, Chris slowly turns into Shaun, Dave is an old man with a terrible voice, Michelle becomes the most reviled person in history, and Shaun tries to justify $1 steak.

Episode 163 (01/08/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
Battle of the Sexys (HD) — The gang takes things to the surface level by examining their favorite parts of a person’s body and focusing on libido-driven headlines. Also, Chris ensures that he’ll die alone, Dave talks about the worst drug ever, Michelle has a chance to alter history, and Shaun proves his lack of understanding of science.

Episode 162 (01/01/15): Download | TalkShoe | iTunes
New Year, Same Buzzer (HD) — The gang jumps head-first into 2015 with a look back at the best of 2014, giving top 5 lists in an extended Countdown. Also, Chris bemoans the video game industry, Dave protects his daughter’s secret, Michelle gets to ask one question, and Shaun forgets what his final thought is.

Click here for episodes from 2011 through 2014.

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