Replay for Keeps: The Nick Edition

I have a bit of a confession to make. I can only think of one game I’ve played that has decent replay value. It makes me feel weird to confess that, because I know I’ve talked about replay value before. I guess I’m not the kind of person who likes to play games twice for the purpose of discovering that random thing or event, or taking Viagra for my e-penis I mean, unlocking achievements that don’t matter. So take my list lightly; this is not a list of games you should play over and over because they’re that great and … Continue reading Replay for Keeps: The Nick Edition

Greenhouse, with a side of Calla Lillies Part 3

Wow, what a weekend. Three days; I happen to be one of those state-employed guys who is lucky enough to be given Presidents’ Day off. Little victory count: 1. … except, ever have one of those weekends where you’re working on so many things that it is non-stop from morning to night, so much work that you wish you had one more day of a weekend, and lo-and-behold you DO have one more day, so you fill that day with work and STILL have more to do? It was self-inflicted, really. On Friday, my dad took me to AZ Bag … Continue reading Greenhouse, with a side of Calla Lillies Part 3

Hydroponic Calla Lillies and Horses part 2

You know, it’s funny how things go sometimes. A couple weeks ago I posted to tell you how happy I was that my flowers started sprouting. This week, I want to talk about how things go from being tiny little things to oh-my-lord-that-dog-could-eat-me. I first got the idea for this post when Shelby (remember Shelby?) snuck into the photo I took for my original idea for this post. Here it is: And this shot: The original idea was to show you the difference in just a week and a half. Three beds totaling 58 bulbs planted. The two beds closest … Continue reading Hydroponic Calla Lillies and Horses part 2

The Little Wins, and Hydroponic Calla Lillies

December is an interesting month. When your trying your darndest to get flowers for your wedding planted, all while making plans for your own birthday, Christmas, entertaining visiting family, your fiancee’s birthday, and your four-year dating anniversary, you can hardly find time to list your top 25 games of all time, much less make blog posts. It paid off; my fiancee and I both had a pretty good birthdays, Christmas, and successfully housed our first holiday guests. Oh, and let’s not forget: That’s right, I got flower bulbs planted. Not only planted, but they are sprouting: You would not believe … Continue reading The Little Wins, and Hydroponic Calla Lillies