About the Show

At the Buzzer was started in February 2011, the brainchild of three men desperate for attention. It’s slightly related to an old Flagstaff radio show from 2008, kinda like how Frasier was slightly related to Cheers. The podcast is posted every Thursday at noon, although the trio has some bizarre work schedules that occasionally get in the way. For more information about the cast and crew, click here.


Headlines: Three to four of the most buzzworthy stories of the week, as decided by the cast. These are usually not serious news items — instead, the stories are likely to be of an entertaining or thought-provoking nature. Or they’re just about stupid people who do stupid things.

Buzzerbeater: A holdover from the old radio show, Buzzerbeater (formerly known as the Hate Round) is a lightning round where anything is fair game, be it things we like, things we hate, or things that we’re indifferent about.

Buzz Off: In which two (or more) items are debated, but one is ultimately told to buzz off. The choices can be anything from polar opposites to oh-so-close calls.

Buzz In: In which e-mails, tweets, comments, singing telegrams and other forms of reader questions, complaints or feedback are read — and sometimes mocked. Click here for information on how to contact the booth.

Buzzkill: In which the best toys, games, shows and memories of the past are discussed, and then rated to see how awesome they were then — and how those items look today. All nostalgia bits are from at least 10 years ago.

Buzzcut: In which a top-three list on a particular subject is presented, and then picked apart by the other cast members. Some items make the cut, and some are flat-out wrong.

Buzz Questions: In which a special guest presents a series of questions, and then judges the cast members on their answers and determines a winner. Someone is likely to end up with hurt feelings.

Buzzsaw: In which ideas, concepts or actions of society are debated to see if they should be allowed to continue (or if they should be brought back). This segment comes with a handy sound effect for things the cast members decide to disallow.

Buzzfeed: In which interesting people are interviewed, including some folks who are famous, some who should be, and some who are already on their way.

Buzz Lightyear: In which — wait, this isn’t a segment. But we considered it.

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