Merry Christmas from Objection Network!

A holiday tradition around these parts is to take a week off for Christmas. This year is no exception — we’re off this week, which means when videos and podcast episodes and posts resume, it’ll be the end of 2019.

Looking back on 2019, the Objection Network brand is firmly entrenched, and we finally got to start a blind playthrough of a game when Trails of Cold Steel III launched. The Youtube channel is doing pretty well as a result, picking up new subscribers along the way. The website? It held steady compared to 2018, which isn’t bad considering our utter lack of plugging anymore.

The Anachroschism also posted dozens of episodes in its second full year, flying past the 100 mark with the greatest of ease. We’re approaching the halfway point of the story, which is pretty cool considering the undertaking from start to a hypothetical finish. We’ll have more guest spots on deck in 2020.

Other projects are still on a side burner, like the return of top 25 lists. Whenever we get a chance to do one, it’ll probably be an update to the Best Games Ever list, to see how things have changed since six years ago (and what new titles might be good enough to crack the upper echelon.

Until then, thank you for visiting the site or listening to our show, and stay tuned for all the stuff we have planned for 2020!

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