Best Anime Openings/Endings- “Fatima,” Kanako Ito

What makes an anime opening work so well is the perfect combination of animation and music. The best openings, for me, have the visuals match with the music both thematically and rhythmically. At the same time, the visuals match the tone of the show itself and offer an exciting glimpse of what’s to come. Steins;Gate 0‘s opening, “Fatima” by Kanako Ito, fulfills all of these components, on top of being a great song to listen outside of watching the show. I actually think I like this opening more than “Hacking to the Gate,” another opening that I loved and have written about before. This opening is excellent, and while there’s another version of it that utilizes different verses and visuals that’s also pretty good, the first version is among one of my top favorite openings ever.

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