Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call: Best of Both Worlds

The Nintendo 3DS has been a phenomenal system. Between its first-party originals, a bevy of third-party options and more ports than you can shake a stick at, it might feature the best lineup in video game history.

But everything comes to an end eventually, and finding myself with few new things to play, I loaned it to a friend so that he could play Fire Emblem Awakening and a couple other games, like the first Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. We were both a bit hooked at the time, and discovered there was a sequel, Curtain Call.

The follow-up blew the original out of the water, with more than 100 extra tracks compared to the first offering and another 100 DLC songs, some of which were from non-Final Fantasy Square properties like Chrono Trigger and Bravely Default. They were reasonably priced at 99 cents per track and made for a nice change of pace from all FF music all the time.

There are two schools of thought here. On one hand, the first game’s objectively underwhelming content must have been frustrating for early adopters, who watched as a sequel was released just two years later with what only could be called the definitive version. On the other hand, it’s nice that a game that was something of a risk turned out to be well received enough that it spawned a second game and an arcade version to boot. Like a lot of things, I’m somewhere in the middle, though I’m sure countless wars have been waged by both sides.

Still, I’ve always enjoyed rhythm games. I played a decent amount of Dance Dance Revolution in high school and was a Stepmania fiend in college. Rock Band and Guitar Hero have probably eaten 100+ hours of my life at this point. The Final Fantasy series has enough of a pedigree that it can support being the only music in Theatrhythm — if anything, the selection of 5-10 tracks from each game just get you jonesing for some of the other possibilities from each OST. And if there’s a title or two you haven’t played (looking at you, Crisis Core!), you can skip over those songs like they don’t exist.

Getting my 3DS back recently has been like a breath of fresh air, going through some titles I hadn’t played in a long time like Mario Kart 7 and Tri Force Heroes. It’s also been a chance to finally get my hands on Curtain Call, and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes Final Fantasy games or the rhythm genre as a whole.

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