Music to My Ears: Box 15/16 (Danganronpa)

It seems like a disservice to have finished the first Danganronpa game and not get around to covering any of the music. There’s a cool, funky, jazzy vibe to most of the soundtrack, and several songs stick out when they pop up throughout your miserable time in Hope’s Peak. But there was one track in particular that grabbed my attention — the music that plays while you’re performing an investigation.

Box 15 has a quieter, more subdued start that just screams “mystery.” You’re trying to make sense of a murder that frequently doesn’t make sense, and the song goads you on. Then the sick beat drops in, and you know you have something catchy on your hands.

Box 16 is a similar concept — it plays while you’re investigating, but only toward the end of the game when things pick up. As such, things are more intense and the song thrusts you into Guitarland from the word go. Eventually, once those guitars shred for a while, the familiar theme from Box 15 kicks in with a fresh blend that really sets the stage.

For me, the most interesting decision with these two tracks is that every time you find a new clue (a “truth bullet”) in your investigation, the song starts over. So in the early part of the game, you’re going to hear that quiet opening and beat drop dozens of times, and it grows on you. Hell, sometimes you find information consecutively and the music starts over before you even have a chance to feel the rhythm. It’s a bit jarring the first couple times, but once you get used to it, you look forward to the restart.

I have some complicated thoughts about Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc as a whole; I certainly enjoyed it, but I have some issues with the ending (some of which I know will be addressed in the sequel). I’m looking forward to playing the second game once I get a chance, especially if the soundtrack is on the same level as this one. For now, here are two tracks to make your day feel more exciting — try playing Box 15 while you look for your keys or put together furniture from IKEA.

Danganronpa – Box 15 and Box 16

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