Music to My Ears: Aria ~Holy Saint, Holy Spirit~

This is one of the coolest songs in Trails of Cold Steel II, and like the last track we covered, it’s actually a reference to a song from earlier in the series.

Aria ~Holy Saint, Holy Spirit~ is from an album of arranged tracks from the Cold Steel games, but unlike the others, actually appears in-game (albeit a slightly different version). It’s an operatic take on the music from Lohengrin Castle in the first game — which makes sense, considering the spiritual, magical stuff going on there. In CSII, it plays in shrines and other areas that link our current protagonists to the War of the Lions, and makes for a mystical experience as you explore dungeons and dodge enemies.

The lyrics are actually in English, although good luck understanding much beyond the title and the word “castle” a few times. You can read them here if you’re feeling adventurous.

One of the areas in which Falcom excels is in its level on detail on its soundtracks. Several composers seem to pour all of their resources into one particular area — battle themes, for example. For me, the Trails games have the best OSTs from top to bottom. There are some awesome, standout tracks when you’re fighting, but several of my favorites are quieter, more somber songs like town themes. (This is in stark contrast to other series I love like Tales, where Sakuraba seems to mail in half of his work on a given game.)

Please enjoy this track, and also the word “enceinte.”

Aria ~Holy Saint, Holy Spirit~

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