One Million Hits: How the Hell Did We Get Here

If you’ll allow us to brag for a moment, we just passed 1,000,000 hits a couple days ago! A million is a lot of people. A cool millskie. drevilwithpinkieinmouth.jpg.

We haven’t really touched on our progress in a while — there was something at 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000 and 500,000. It was probably overkill doing one at each 10k plateau after the first one, looking back. Act like you’ve been there before, right? Well, we failed. My bad.

Still, there’s always something big about adding an extra digit. Since we rebranded as Objection Network to get rid of that pesky At the Buzzer name, our traffic has been down a bit (SEO can be a bitch sometimes). We also don’t post quite as much as we did back in the day, when we were young 20-somethings with a chip on our shoulders and love in our hearts.

But we’ve diversified our portfolio — or something — in other ways. Our YouTube channel has been gaining traction over the last year or so, to the point where it’s the biggest it’s ever been. We bumped up the podcast to twice a week thinking that it would result in shorter episodes, yet spend more time recording them now than we did before. And we have some new stuff coming down the chutes once we move at the end of this month, where I’ll have a different studio set up with some new tricks.

We did some bonus videos when we reached the half million mark, and I intend to do something similar for this once we move (it’ll also acknowledge the channel hitting 100,000 views). Might be a few weeks before that happens, but rest assured, it’s coming. And once it happens, you won’t be able to ignore its girth.

As always, thanks for visiting the site, whether you’ve been here once or hundreds of times.

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