Music to My Ears: Awakening Will

We’ve reached the halfway point of our playthrough of Trails of Cold Steel II, at least as far as recording goes (although the video series isn’t too far behind either). That’s the point at which everything about the sequel gets even better.

I can’t talk in great detail about any of that here because Michaela will probably read this and she’s the worst. But still, it’s the point at which I was like “Yep, this is the best game in the series.” It turns the formula on its head, and the story builds to an emotionally resonant climax that delivers in about every way you could ask.

This track, Awakening Will, is one that you hear quite a bit after the midway point. It’s essentially the music that plays whenever serious missions are happening on the Courageous, the airship more affectionately known as the Crimson Wings. It also symbolizes the task ahead of our friends from Class VII, and the increased impact that this ragtag group of students can have on all of Erebonia.

As an added bonus, this is one of multiple tracks from CSII that features music from the first game in a new way. You can hear the music from the capital city of Heimdallr at the :54 mark — it’s more epic and optimistic sounding here. That theme shows up in at least three other tracks, which is a cool touch.

Awakening Will

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