Team Objection Podcast #318 (01/23/18)

Episode 318: Regular Folks — The gang suffers through Michelle’s new segment idea, then transitions into a D&D-themed Death Match. Also, Chris wins by losing, Michelle explains rules that don’t end up mattering, and Shaun goes with his gut time and time again.




  • “Troupe Gramarye” by Noriyuki Iwadare
  • “Night at the Octodrag” by Thee Jaguar Sharks

Production Assistance: Tony Robinson, Executive Producer

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3 thoughts on “Team Objection Podcast #318 (01/23/18)

  1. Not gonna do it…
    Not…going…to…give in…

    Y’know, I didn’t hate…


    I didn’t hate…


    …because it was hilarious.

    *quietly implodes*

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