Music to My Ears: Tabi no Tochuu (Spice and Wolf)

Michaela usually covers the anime stuff around these parts, but I stumbled on a cover of a song that I adored last night. So we’re breaking the rules and covering that in a series that usually focuses on video games because I SAID SO OKAY GEEZ

Tabi no Tochuu is the opening for the first season of Spice and Wolf, a delightful (and underrated) show that teaches you about economics in ways that you didn’t know would be interesting. It’s a weird show to try to recommend to people just because it’s so different from virtually anything else. Looking for big action sequences and mechs and swords? You’ve come to the wrong place!

Instead, the show is about Lawrence and Holo’s travels across the countryside, and how a self-made merchant conducts himself on the road. They also fall for each other because the show is extremely sweet, and oh yeah apparently Holo can turn into a giant wolf but don’t worry about that. But what I loved about Spice and Wolf (and why it’s probably my third favorite anime) is how it relishes in the small moments — charming conversations and slice-of-life bits that you can’t help but get sucked into. Who knew sitting in a wagon could be so entertaining?

This opening stirs feelings inside of me that I’m not supposed to show on my gruff exterior. You’re not allowed to tell anyone about them. Shut up and listen to it. There are three videos below: the show’s opening cut in HD, the full version of the song, and AmaLee’s cover. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here screaming into the void about why there’s no season 3 still.

Tabi no Tochuu

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One thought on “Music to My Ears: Tabi no Tochuu (Spice and Wolf)

  1. This opening is so good! I had admittedly forgotten how good it was until hearing it again. Best song. Such a cute show! And now I am also screaming at how sad it is that we will never get a Season 3! 😦

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