Team Objection Podcast #314 (01/04/18)

Episode 314: The Best of 2017 — The gang does their annual take on the best movies, music and video games of the year in a supersized-length episode. Also, Chris has to choose between two lovers, Michelle gets grief for her entire list, and Shaun goes with his heart for No. 1.




  • “Troupe Gramarye” by Noriyuki Iwadare
  • “Night at the Octodrag” by Thee Jaguar Sharks

Production Assistance: Tony Robinson, Executive Producer

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2 thoughts on “Team Objection Podcast #314 (01/04/18)

  1. So, Breath of the Wild. Is your plan to plan it sometime this year? That’s my plan, but I feel like I have to clear out my entire gaming schedule before I do so. Like finish up everything I’m currently playing, start BotW, and then NOT play anything else until it’s done. It feels like a big commitment and…I’m scared.

    1. I think I might be doing it for the YouTube channel, which means I’d be looking to start it next month. There was definitely a sense of wanting to clear out the backlog a bit, but it was clogged with other games that were big commitments (Persona 5, NieR: Automata, Horizon: Zero Dawn). Somehow it just ended up at the end of the list.

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