Merry Christmas from Objection Network!

A holiday tradition around these parts is to take a week off for Christmas. This year is no exception — we’ll be off through next week, which means when videos and podcast episodes and posts resume, it’ll be 2018.

Looking back on 2017, we rebranded everything and our SEO numbers took a bit of a hit as a result. That means we haven’t quite hit 1 million views yet as we anticipated, but the trade-off is that we’re no longer tied to At the Buzzer. Objection Network is still a work in progress, but it’s nice to have branding that we can call our own (and it’s nice not being buried on the first page of search results).

Even though the site lagged a bit, the YouTube channel posted some big gains this year, with Trails of Cold Steel carving out a niche following and subscribers nearly doubling in the calendar year. We’ll be playing the sequel in 2018, and hopefully doing a blind playthrough of III whenever it releases in the U.S.

2018 will be a step up after a couple of years where activity has waned a bit on the site. It’s kinda sad to look back at last year’s post where I said “the D&D show will be starting in 2017!” and realize it didn’t happen, but we’ve certainly put in work — there are 16 episodes in the can and I think people will be pleased once we can start airing them. The podcast will return on Jan. 2 with Dave visiting for another episode, and then the annual Best Of show will be a full-length episode on the 4th.

Finally, we’ll be doing another top 25 list early in the year, though we’re still juggling a few topics. One of them is to revisit our Best Games Ever list to see how things have changed since 2012 (spoiler alert: Skyward Sword won’t make the cut). Or we might be starting something brand-new. Keep an eye on that in the spring.

Until then, thank you for visiting the site or listening to our show, and stay tuned for all the stuff we have planned for 2018!

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