Music to My Ears: Confrontation with the Enemy


One of the cooler things about video game music is its ability to take a situation and turn up the intensity to the max. Some of the genre’s most crucial moments would feel empty and hollow without the tracks that accompanied them. Imagine Aeris getting stabbed by a 26-foot-long sword without that soft piano opening in the background, or Link pulling the Master Sword out of the pedestal to complete silence.

Xenoblade Chronicles is a game that still leaves me conflicted. Short of playing it on a Dolphin emulator, there’s no real way to make it look as pretty as it should. But that doesn’t stop the soundtrack from being phenomenal, and we’ve covered a couple tracks here before.

Confrontation with the Enemy plays at a couple crucial junctures in the game, and one of them happens real early on. It almost seems silly to avoid spoilers for a title that’s been out for five years (and longer than that in Europe/Japan), but suffice to say it’s an important moment that loses some impact if you know it’s coming. I love the singing, I love the drums, and I’m especially a fan of how it sounds soulful and optimistic and kinda depressing at the same time. Check it out.

Confrontation with the Enemy

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One thought on “Music to My Ears: Confrontation with the Enemy

  1. beautiful track. You really nail the point that music like this really does turn up the intensity. I can’t help while listening to it, thinking back how Shulk would frantically cut through hordes of enemies trying to save someone from impending doom.

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