My Wreck-It-Ralph Omega Team: Defenders Blitz

Wreck-It-Ralph was by and large a successful animated film that invoked nostalgia for old-school video games while creating a unique premise of video game characters across multiple genres fighting together for a singular goal. In response to this, Jason and Shaun formulated teams comprised of the video game characters they’d want to have fighting their video game console viruses. My first team – called Relentless Assault – is included in Shaun’s post, which you can read up on here. In addition, Jason’s post features a nice summary of the rules he has for team compositions, and I’ve kept them in mind for this post.

With the prospect of a Wreck-It-Ralph sequel coming out next year, I wanted to do my own sequel post of sorts. My Omega Team, Defenders Blitz, will act in tandem with Relentless Assault, showcasing different strengths and tactics (which is to say any) in the theoretical event that Relentless Assault falls in a glorious blaze of fire during one of their missions. From the smoke and ashes, Defenders Blitz will rise up and avenge the fallen heroes.

Isaac (Golden Sun)

Title: Hero of Scars, The Buffer and Leader

Isaac is, by far, the most flexible member of the team. The Djinn customization feature in the Golden Sun series allows a character to be equipped for any class the player chooses. From being a healer to an offensive tank, Isaac can easily fulfill any of these roles efficiently, and it all changes based on which Dijinn he brings with him. For Defenders Blitz, his role is that of the healer and buffer, casting defensive and offensive buffs onto his allies using his Djinn and spells.

Isaac’s Earth based Psynergy allows him to be ready for nearly anything, giving him the option to create protective walls, move enemies away, or if things get really bad, he can use his strictly offensive spells to do some heavy damage. He can even grow vines for the group to climb up to reach new areas. Saving a video game console from a deathly virus can’t all be fighting after all – platforming is a video game staple, and the inside of a console could prove difficult to navigate. After killing two huge fusion dragons plus causing the genocide of nearly all of the monsters that plagued Weyard, Isaac is plenty familiar with fighting and strategy. Isaac’s role as the leader in the first game makes him the perfect candidate as the leader of this team – quiet, but strong and quick to act, Isaac will lead the team to victory.

Joshua (The World Ends With You)

Title: Composer of Doom, The Glass Cannon

In The World Ends With You, Joshua has the ability to levitate and use telekinesis with his cell phone in combat, due to his status as the powerful Composer of the Reaper’s Game. His power as the Composer is never seen to its full potential, but it’s implied that Joshua is essentially a god in his true form. In his teenage form, his powers are reduced some, but he is still a powerhouse of a fighter. Because of the power gap though, it can leave him a little vulnerable, so for the purposes of Defenders Blitz, he’s the glass cannon.

Joshua would be able to quickly dash into the fray and use telekinesis to throw large objects, such as cars, at the virus. The inside of a console likely won’t have cars for him to throw at the virus, but since he can move just about anything, I’m sure he’d be able to find a suitable substitute. Being in the front lines will be dangerous, but luckily, Joshua does have the Soda item from the game that he can use to heal himself in the event of an emergency. Since Joshua’s game is more modern as well, he would have the most knowledge of the technology the group could potentially run into and would be able to deal with it effectively. Even if he’s not in his god form, Joshua would be a powerful fighter that would leave chaos and destruction in his wake.

He may look like a teenager, but he can – and will – destroy everyone

Celica (Fire Emblem: Echoes)

Title: True Ragnarok Queen, The Mage

Arguably one of the better units in Fire Emblem: Echoes, Celica can be a slightly fragile unit but makes up for it with her immensely powerful spells. She’s also quite balanced as well because she can use healing magic, offensive magic, and fight with a sword, making her prepared for nearly any battle scenario. While her functions as a healer and sword fighter are fine and good, where she really shines is casting her spells, in particular True Ragnarok, which she learns through her sword, Beloved Zofia.

Celica’s main role on the Omega Team would be to cast this spell nonstop and barrage the virus with it, creating openings for Joshua’s attacks and doing a ton of damage. True Ragnarok is the perfect spell for crowd control and reducing the virus down and making it easier to handle. Celica’s peaceful nature makes her a voice of reason within the group and will mesh well with Isaac’s leadership and Beatrix’s justice. As for Joshua, well…he doesn’t really get along with anybody.

Beatrix (Final Fantasy IX)

Title: Rose of Pain, The Tank

Beatrix is the strong, powerful general that lays waste to Zidane’s team on more than one occasion over the course of Final Fantasy IX. Having once eliminated one hundred soldiers single-handedly, Beatrix is calm and collected, allowing her to fight with focus and make the right decisions for the team.

Beatrix will primarily stay in the middle of the formation alongside Celica, assisting Isaac with healing Joshua when he needs it while also using abilities like Climhazzard or Seiken Shock to weaken and stun the virus. If things get too chaotic and she has to roll up to the front lines herself, Beatrix is capable of holding her own with her amazing strength and defense. Beatrix is a force to be reckoned with, and the virus will be dead on arrival if she ever has a reason to break formation.

The death glare before she unleashes Climhazzard

Tactics Overview

Now, the hard part comes the strategy. It’s easy to talk about how the characters will work together, but when you consider the drawbacks that get carried over thanks to the combat systems of their respective games and item limitations, it can make things a little more complicated. Luckily, it’s nothing we can’t fix, and even the best strategies need fine-tuning and careful consideration.

Problem #1: In The World Ends With You, the characters are forced to fight in pairs and share an HP bar. It’s worth noting that Joshua does act on his own outside of the combat system within the story, but when he is a playable party member, he’s part of the duo, meaning that Joshua will have to be paired up with someone here as well.
Solution: For the purposes of the Defenders Blitz tactics, Joshua will be paired up with Celica. Sharing an HP bar could be risky if he gets into trouble, but with three other characters with the ability to heal, so Joshua should be fine. Scenario: Joshua barrels into the front lines, levitating and using his telekinesis to throw large objects at the virus, creating diversions and obstructing it from getting to the party; meanwhile, Celica nukes it over and over with True Ragnarok. This duo will kill every part of the virus, and taking damage probably won’t even be an issue.

Problem #2: Spellcasting in Fire Emblem: Echoes requires an HP sacrifice. True Ragnarok costs 14 HP for each cast, and even if Celica’s stats are maxed out, this can be dangerous for her.
Solution: To make up for this, Celica will stay in the middle of the formation, near the healers but still close to the action. She can carry an emergency healing item with her in case things get rough.

Problem #3: Both Isaac and Beatrix will be on healing duty, but their magic/Psynergy points for healing and offensive spells is finite. Both of them can carry MP/PP restoring items, but that too won’t last forever.
Solution: Luckily, with Isaac being the most versatile member, he can bring along Dijinn of any type to fit his needs, and in this case, he can bring along either a Jupiter or Mars Dijinn that restores PP, and since Psynergy points is the Golden Sun series equivalent to Magic points, using the Dijinn can restore the party’s MP. All that’s left is for Isaac to set the Dijinn after battle or wait for it to recover in combat to be used again, and they have an unlimited supply of MP/PP.

Death to the Virus

With the combined powers of these formidable allies, their abilities and the solutions to create a dynamic group with little flaws, the Omega Team, Defenders Blitz, will save the console from certain death with a careful, but powerful strategy, making quick work of the virus while also being prepared to go on the defensive if need be. Defenders Blitz is a far cry from Relentless Assault, and maybe if the two worked together a la Avengers style, some cool things could happen. But in a theoretical scenario where I had a virus infesting my console, Defenders Blitz would be the team I would theoretically be the most confident in.

Thank you for reading! If you have a virus-killing team assembled that you’d like to share, let me know in the comments!

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