Let’s Play Trails of Cold Steel (26)

Chris and Michaela join Class VII in a playthrough of Trails of Cold Steel! The Legend of Heroes is a criminally underrated RPG series that deserves more attention, so why not embark on a 100% AP playthrough?

We take requests! If there’s a game you’d like to see us play next, let us know in the comments or in an email!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Play Trails of Cold Steel (26)

  1. I own this game, but haven’t played it in yonks. Should go back to it because it was decent. Right now I am playing another Falcom title called Tokyo Xanadu.

      1. I am enjoying it a lot. Some people say that it is a Persona knock off, but the social stuff actually reminds me of Tales (you get free time were you can talk to two people.)

        The combat is action not turn based. You fight through labyrinths, akin to a faster paced Phantasy Star Online. It’s not very deep, but makes up for that by allowing you to switch between three characters.

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