Music to My Ears: Trails of Cold Steel

Piece by piece, we’re getting a little bit more information about Trails of Cold Steel III, which is exciting to me on a number of levels. Since Legend of Heroes has been gaining some traction in the States, we’re almost certain to get the game once it releases — the Sky trilogy is already on the horizon, after all.

We’re also taking the opportunity to start our YouTube playthrough of the first Cold Steel, which you can watch here. This is something we’ve danced around for a while, but with my PS4 on the fritz and making a Persona 5 playthrough extreeeeemely unreliable right now, there seemed to be no time like the present.

We’ve looked at one Cold Steel track in the past, and there’s a trio of new challengers today. First up is “Let’s Study,” a track that plays in various situations around the academy. It’s a jaunty little tune that’s perfect for idle conversations in the classroom. After that is “Skies of a Strange Land,” one of the songs that play in the background of a handful of world map areas, and “Vigilant Fighting Spirit,” which is generally associated with when the army shows up and things get serious.

The Falcom Sound Team is severely underrepresented in the conversation of best video game music compositions. The Legend of Heroes series is littered with a multitude of examples where you can see lovingly crafted work for a variety of situations. There are a ton of tracks in this game, in Sky and in Zero where I sit back and listen and say “ah, this is nice.” And the fact that they’re willing to let other YouTube channels use their tracks in the background? Just an added bonus as far as I’m concerned.

Trails of Cold Steel

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2 thoughts on “Music to My Ears: Trails of Cold Steel

  1. Wow nice tracks. I really want to check out this series once i can get through some backlog. I’d love it if these came to the Switch, then I’d be able to give them the love they deserve. Thanks for sharing!

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