Music to My Ears: Rivers in the Desert

I think this is the last Persona 5 post for a while. I think. No promises.

I just beat the game last night, and I loved it. LOVED it. I’ll have to take time to let it all settle in before I make any snap judgments like “it’s my favorite game I’ve ever played,” but it’s in the conversation. That’s how good it is. If for some reason you’ve spent the last month on the fence about this, get off the fucking fence. Go.

Persona 5 was just about everything I wanted it to be. We’ll have a full review posted on the site at some point and an entire podcast episode about it eventually, but here’s the short version: it’s sorta like the Phoenix Wright effect in a JRPG instead of a visual novel. What does that mean? Well, essentially it means that everything you do feels awesome, from battles to confidants to spare-time activities to just flipping through the gorgeous menus. You’re supposed to feel like a badass phantom thief, and you almost always do.

It’s a perfect entry point for people to jump into the series, because this is the most accessible the series has been by a huge margin. If you love it, you’ll still be able to play older titles despite some missing quality of life improvements. If you think it’s okay, you may want to sit 1-4 out. But again: fence, get off.

Anyway. Life Will Change plays in three important battles in the game that I won’t talk about here because they’re massive spoilers. Still, let’s just say it sets an appropriate mood, and like other songs with lyrics in Persona 5, the words are spot on (when you can understand them, of course). There’s also an instrumental version below if you’re one of those “get them words outta my video game music” folks.

Life Will Change

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