Music to My Ears: Life Will Change

Oh, did you think we were done with Persona 5 music? Hahahahaha, no. No, not quite. Not yet.

Life Will Change is awesome. One of the few problems with Persona 4 is that it gets off to a bit of a slow start, taking its time in a sleepy, small town to build up the murder mystery as you get acclimated to a new school. P5 says “nah” and just throws you into a mission as the Phantom Thieves, with bright lights and high profile chase scenes — and this track. That’s much better. That gets you excited from the word go.

This is the version with lyrics, but I’ve also posted the instrumental version below. That one plays once you’re ready for the final day of a themed dungeon — the calling card is sent, the gauntlet is thrown down, the infiltration route is secure, and you dive in ready for a massive fight. That’s also neat.

There’s always a debate with video game music about lyrics vs. no lyrics, so to me, this is the perfect compromise. Have both, and everyone is happy! Just kidding, we’ll never reach a consensus on anything on the internet, but this is about as close as we’ll get.

Life Will Change

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