Music to My Ears: Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

Persona 5 is fucking sick and you should be playing it instead of reading this post.

Okay, there’s the synopsis, the quick-hitting intro out of the way. On the off chance you’re still here, let’s talk a bit about Persona 5.

Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There is the title theme from P5, and it’s a good one. It kinda tells you everything you need to know without really saying anything at all. Here’s some cool looking characters skating on highways without any skates. Look at this motif. Check out this red background. What’s the game about? Hell if I know, but I’m on board.

Persona 5 has the best user interface I’ve ever seen in gaming. Its menus are slick and beautiful, with gorgeous, fluid transitions. Everything looks so damn pretty that you just want to keep flicking between options to watch them again. While P3 and P4 went for blue and yellow motifs respectively, P5 decided “hey, let’s just use a vibrant red juxtaposed with monochrome details to make it really pop,” and boy, it does.

The game is everything you’d expect from Persona but better. The graphics are shinier now that we’re on a next-gen system, the battles feel phenomenal and fly by once you get the feel for what you’re doing, the story is interesting much more quickly than it was in P4. In fact, you know what? I’m done talking about this. Go play it — that’s what I’m going to do.

Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

Music to My Ears covers soundtracks or individual songs from video games. You can view all posts in the series by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Music to My Ears: Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

  1. Wow… what a track! As a bass player I looooove this!!

    Not to go off topic but this makes me want to play it more, funny that happens given the whole debacle about people having limitations on streaming this game and sharing some of it’s content. I don’t have a Ps4 but would consider this for Ps3.

    would you say this is an easy game to get into for someone who has NEVER played any other persona game? or should i look for some older entries?

    1. Honestly, I go through the same thing sometimes…occasionally I hear a song from a game and I go “damn, I want to play that now.”

      Persona 5 is probably as good a place as any to jump in. It doesn’t have a ton of direct connections to earlier games, so you won’t be missing out by not going through 1-4. It has the most user-friendly mechanics so far for things like enemy weaknesses and Persona fusions. There’s still a bit of a learning curve up front for any game in this series (what the hell is a Bufu?), but you might as well take the plunge.

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