Welcome to Objection Network

The rebrand is (mostly) complete, so let me be the first to welcome you to the Objection Network.

I touched on this briefly in the post before the weekend, but we’ve been considering changing our name for a long time. If we’re being honest, At the Buzzer wasn’t terrible or anything, but it’s not unique. When we were brainstorming ideas for the podcast back in 2010, it was the name that eventually caught on. Unfortunately, we dropped almost any sports focus early on, leaving us with a name that didn’t make much sense.

(It also didn’t help that little-known indie sports company FOX Sports started pushing their own buzzer-related brand in 2014. Thanks a lot, FOX.)

We resisted changing the name because it was a risk. Would it tank our SEO? Would it strip us of whatever brand impact we had built in six years? Could we find something that worked? But near the end of last year, I realized that I was over At the Buzzer. It was time to be reborn.

So began the brainstorming. There were a lot of ideas tossed around in the span of a few months, and eventually those permutations landed us here. (There was a brief detour where we tried to get Triforce to work in a name, but it’s copyrighted by Nintendo and we don’t want them to kill us.)

What does this mean? It’s both a lot and nothing at the same time. Obviously the main contributors to this site are all big Phoenix Wright fans, but it’s more than that. It’s also an idea that our podcast has always raised objections to the things people do and the way they think. Still, the content will essentially remain the same: weekly podcast, daily videos, blog posts, the whole nine yards.

We’re excited about the changes, both big and small. The website looks fresh and this theme allows for some truly stunning image placements. You can find our podcast episodes and videos faster than ever before (they’re on the bottom of every page). And it’s a breath of fresh air in what had become a stale concept — even before Dave had to leave the show, we had stripped out all but one buzzer reference.

ATB is dead, but its spirit lives on in Objection Network.

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