Music to My Ears: Believe in Me

We’ve covered the Tales series in other posts on the site before, but after looking at the opening for Xillia, I figured it would be worth checking out one of the other really good songs from the game.

“Believe in Me” is usually reserved for the most serious boss fights in Xillia, when you’re going up against major enemies at crucial junctures in the plot or dealing with huge creatures that want to kick your ass. It has an appropriately epic feel to it, and the video below gives you 30 minutes to drop it in the background and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Motoi Sakuraba has been the primary composer for Tales games since the mid-’90s, with only a few exceptions (like Legendia, part of Zestiria, a few side titles, etc.). Even as a huge fan of the series, I have to admit that his work has not always been…stellar. Maybe that’s the byproduct of producing so many soundtracks for similar games over a long period of time. All I know is that I prefer his music in things like Golden Sun and the earlier Star Oceans.

Still, from time to time Sakuraba manages to put together something special, and this track is one of those examples. Listen to its majesty.

Believe in Me

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