Best Anime Openings/Endings – “It’s Like a Small Light,” Sayuri

I haven’t talked much about anime endings in this series of posts, but Erased’s is certainly a notable one. It takes a much more stylized direction with its art style and colors, weaving abstract images and scenes together to create the ending. Because of the unique art style and more abstract imagery, the ending doesn’t outright spoil anything in the show – certain thematic ideas are represented, but it’s only by watching the show that the images gain meaning. The song suits the mood of the show well, using a more somber yet hopeful tone.

2 thoughts on “Best Anime Openings/Endings – “It’s Like a Small Light,” Sayuri

  1. I also really loved the opening theme from Erased too. 🙂 The song is great and I do love how the opening animation subtly changes towards the end of the anime to accurately reflect what’s currently going on in the show with Satoru. But the end animation is beautifully dark and hopeful at the same time, which works for the song.

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