Best Anime Openings/Endings – “History Maker,” Dean Fujioka

Last summer I made a series of posts about my favorite anime openings and endings. Now the list continues in this series of winter edition posts!

Is it really a surprise that I’m talking about a song from the show I have an unhealthy obsession with Yuri!!! On Ice? Not only is this show great, but so is the music. “History Maker” is an addictively catchy song. I immediately loved it when I first heard it, and the opening is so good that I have not once skipped it when watching Yuri!!! On Ice. The opening itself is fun to watch despite looping the same animation because of the color and background variations it has in each episode. “History Maker” beautifully blends orchestral melodies and modern pop with convincingly sung English lyrics to create a fantastic opening that never gets old to watch or listen to. The full version of the song is even better because of how the lyrics reflect the desires of the characters.

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