Music to My Ears: Fury Sparks (Dual Mix)

Ah, Fury Sparks. We covered the original song from Tales of Vesperia in a post from a few years ago, but now it’s time for something a bit different.

The other night, Michaela and I were going down the video game music rabbit hole, staying up way past our bedtime (even though I’m a grown-ass man and can go to bed when I want) going through themes from different soundtracks. One of the things I stumbled on was a reupload of a track I found back in like 2008 or 2009, a version of Fury Sparks that overlays the original theme from Vesperia with a remixed version.

When done right, these dual mixes can be really effective — the different instrument choices work in unison to collectively make the song sound like a more complete version. The flip side is that they’re easy to do wrong, leaving both versions sounding hollow at best and discordant at worst. Some songs simply don’t match up in terms of tempo or key, leaving you with a jumbled mess that makes you want to gouge out your ears.

Worry not: This is one of the best combinations I’ve ever heard on the internet, and I’ll probably highlight some more in a future post. It’s a neat concept that only works in certain cases, but when it does, the finished product is all the better for it.

Fury Sparks (Dual Mix)

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