Hit level 50 early and other Final Fantasy 15 tips

How to become a god in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy 15 status report update:

Level: 53

Chapter: 5

Hours logged: 50

Enemies killed: Innumerable

Percentage better than Final Fantasy XIII: 1000

Maybe this is a common set of stats for people playing through the extremely enjoyable Final Fantasy XV (especially the part about being superior to XIII), but I feel like I’ve gleefully broken the game. My Noctis seems so delightfully OP that I thought it couldn’t hurt to share my trial and error experiences with my fellow man. Learn from my mistakes and emulate my triumphs to transform your growing prince into the god of death and power that he was meant to be.

Ascend to godhood. 

Tip 1: Invest in AP wisely

Just like a responsible adult, the first things you should invest in are things that will work to earn you more over the long haul. FFXV is no different. The first AP you earn should be spent in Ascension on things that will earn you more AP in the long run. Specifically, riding in your car, camping, and Chocobos.

Especially the Chocobos. Riding in the car is fine, and the stereo is a nice touch, but if you’re like me, you’ll be spending an ungodly amount of time running your poor enslaved Chocobos into the ground. If you’re going to overwork your Chocobo to death, you may as well earn AP while you do it.

Also, purchase Ignis’ ability Regroup. It’s a group heal that will bring his allies out of danger, and I can’t overstate how useful it is. Do it, equip it, and don’t ever change it. This will be your savior.

Tip 2: Kill everything

You see something cool, you kill it. That’s the golden rule in Final Fantasy 15. There’s a gorgeous, wide world for Noctis and crew to explore, and you should waste no time burning it to the ground. As long as enemies keep giving you experience points, you should kill everything. And I mean everything. Cute buffalo things? Crush. Majestic unicorn deers? Lance.

What a majestic beast. Send it to hell. 

Early on in the story, the empire will start sending out imperial soldiers to hunt you from the sky to their mass deaths. Seriously, this army must have spent their entire budget on these soldiers that you use as experience fodder. By Chapter 3 I had to have bankrupted their entire government while leaving a trail of their soldiers bodies in my wake.

The emperor has no excuse for this–that’s just bad people management.

The following is a reenactment:

The board: Sir, Noctis and his men have killed another fleet of soldiers. That brings the total they’ve killed up to fifteen thousand, three–

Emperor:–send in more Magitek soldiers!

The board:….sir, the board must advise against that. We’re running out of resources. Our army is finite, and this money can be used to stop world hunger, cure disease, or–

Emperor:–build more Magitek soldiers!

The board: ….sir, he’s decimated a small country’s worth of–

Emperor:–make sure they’re the same level as before! No higher, understand?

The board: He doesn’t even seem to be struggling with them anymore! Last time we caught him laughing as he chopped them to pieces. The time before that, he just stood in place while our men hacked at him. He just stood there and took it, like it didn’t phase him at all! He’s inhuman….

Emperor: If we send in a million more soldiers, he’ll eventually grow tired and fall….

The board:….sir, no, not at all! In fact–

Emperor: –yeeeesss…. grow tired….and fall….

The board: ….

The emperor’s folly is your ticket to great experience, delivered straight to your mouth. At first, it’ll be tough, but your goal is to get to the point where you can dispatch these goons with relative ease, even when they interrupt other encounters with the world’s fauna (and they will).

Bathing in the blood of your enemies is good, because it leads to the number one thing that changed my game.

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161126232131
Don’t let their facade fool you–these bros are stone-cold killers. 

Tip 3: Sell your loot

This wasn’t something that was obvious to me, even if it should have been. Final Fantasy XV doesn’t award you gil automatically for eviscerating your enemies–instead, you receive loot. While some of this loot plays into side missions later on, most of it is prime selling material, and you’ll start to see your gil amounts–previously hard to come by–just balloon out of the stratosphere. Soon, you’ll have more than enough money to spare for recipes, weapons, rare ingredients, and most importantly, experience. And this is very important, because….

Tip 4: Stay at the Quay

If you’re early in your playthrough, you may not know that the Quay provides a hotel that will double the experience you’ve earned during that day. The problem is that it costs 10,000 gil to stay there, which is a pretty penny in the early stages of the game. But if you’re killing everything you see and selling the loot from said victims, you’ll soon have more than enough money for the strategic stay at this critically important hotel.

By Chapter 3, and with about 40 hours or so spent in the game, I cashed in 90,000 experience I had built up over 8 days of staying awake. A lot of this experience was earned through killing monsters and turning in relatively easy sidequests. 90,000 experience points in the quay rewarded me a sweet, juicy 180,000 experience, and I watched with glee as my levels shot through the roof.

Noctis drinks coffee and looks forward to breaking his record of Magitek soldiers slaughtered today. 

And so I began Chapter 4 at level 50, and the heads really started to roll. More strength meant I could kill stronger monsters, rewarding me more experience and more gil, which I could compound again for even more levels. Now I’m an unstoppable war machine and I love every second.

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