Music to My Ears: The Villain’s Conspiracy and the Mechanical Tower

This is probably the longest title we’ve ever had here. It might be the longest title we ever see going forward, too. I’d say it’s the worst, but despite its verbosity it actually does a pretty good job of conveying what’s going on with this track and this part of the game.

This is the theme from Ghasfarost, a hulking tower with spinning gears and weird puzzles and the introduction of Judith. It’s the end of the first of three main arcs in Vesperia, so a lengthy dungeon and the culmination of an important boss fight up top are pretty neat.

I’ve always liked this track, but one of the tipping points was an arrangement I found while scouring the internet for video game music years ago. In putting together this piece, I tried to find it again, and couldn’t — in my files, there’s no metadata, no tags, no artist, no nothing. The song couldn’t even spell villain right (villian), and even that didn’t help narrow down the search.

So like a song from Steins;Gate that I couldn’t seem to find, I decided to upload it myself. Below is both the original and the arranged version. If you’d like to hear my favorite track from Tales of Vesperia, Fury Sparks, you can find that here. Finally, we’re in the middle of a Let’s Play of Vesperia, which you can find here — we just recorded the final boss fight and are working on the bonus dungeon as we speak, but those parts haven’t aired yet.

The Villain’s Conspiracy and the Mechanical Tower

Music to My Ears covers soundtracks or individual songs from video games. You can view all posts in the series by clicking here.

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