Arrow Season 5 Premiere Trailer: A Return to Form?

God dammit, Arrow, with your amazing trailers.

After one subpar season followed by one plain bad season, I was about ready to give up Arrow. Coming from someone who has been a huge fan over the last five years, that’s saying a lot. But right when I’m on the precipice of peacing out for good, Arrow brings us this trailer in preparation for its premiere:

If you have a pulse, you at least have to admit that it looks intriguing. Oliver consider killing again (which I think most people outside of huge Green Arrow source material fans would love to see). Interesting villains. A new cast of heroes. More salmon ladder. The return of sleeves on the suit (my priorities are excellent). And most importantly for me, Oliver being a bad-ass again.

Look, this is a man who has beaten Slade Wilson, knocked out Solomon Grundy, bested the Flash, and even defeated Ras Freaking Al Ghul in hand to hand combat. Why is he losing to scrubs like Anarky or even basic foot soldiers in Damien Darhk’s army? That’s like Usain Bolt losing a race to a high-school track runner. Oh, but the kid is on Varsity? DOESN’T MATTER.

Now, Oliver is getting a new band together, and is demonstrating the fighting expertise and experience that the entirety of last season lacked. Oliver is in a universe with the Flash, Superwoman (and Man), and a whole other cavalcade of metahumans. He’s just a normal dude with a bow–he at LEAST has to be the best at fighting and strategy. Or what value does he have?

The season five trailer seems to be going in this direction of making Oliver capable again–I guess we’ll find out once the show starts, but God help me, I’m on board again.

Arrow Season Five airs on Wednesday, October 5. Watch it! 





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