Music to My Ears: Basics of the Case

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice: Additional Colons was released a couple weeks ago, and pretty much the entire At the Buzzer crew has been playing it. I just beat the game a couple days ago, and Michelle isn’t too far behind me; Shaun and Michaela are a couple cases in.

Should you play Spirit of Justice? I mean, if you like the series, absolutely. I’m sure there are a million arguments about where this falls in the pantheon of best Phoenix Wright games, and we’ll be doing just that on a future episode of the podcast. But it’s good, no question, and if you like visual novels but haven’t checked out the series yet, you should. Just don’t start here — go back to the first game.

Personally, I wouldn’t have this as my favorite (although I thought it might be through case 3). It’s the most an AA game has made me laugh, and I think it has the best cases top to bottom, with no real standouts but also no clunkers.

This post isn’t going to talk much about the game to avoid spoilers, and one or two of the tracks I’d like to feature are a bit of a spoiler themselves, so let’s go more basic: the theme that (usually) plays at the start of the trial as someone goes over the background information.

I’m surprised by how much I liked this theme, considering it’s relatively basic. Still, plucky strings and a surprisingly happening bass line grabbed my attention each time — it just seems to fit so well. It sort of reminds me of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s highly underrated soundtrack in that it captures a quizzical, ponderous mood.

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3 thoughts on “Music to My Ears: Basics of the Case

  1. The Ace Attorney series has some of my favorite music ever! I always look forward to the new cross-examination, objection, and pursuit themes in every game! Spirit of Justice had some really great music, especially during trial segments!

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