At the Buzzer (09/22/16)

Episode 245: Shaun Demand — The gang circles the wagons when Shaun is ravaged by illness, as the remaining cast members sound off of neighbors who suck and being homesick. Also, Chris tells a neverending story, and Michelle does her very best Phoenix Wright impression.


    • None



  • “One Who Gets in Our Way” by ACE+
  • “Main Theme (Valkyria Chronicles)” by Hitoshi Sakimoto
  • “Battle! Team Magma/Aqua Leader” by Junichi Masuda
  • “Night at the Octodrag” by Thee Jaguar Sharks

Production Assistance: Tony Robinson, Executive Producer

Announcer: Molly Robinson

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2 thoughts on “At the Buzzer (09/22/16)

  1. You both have my deepest parking sympathies. We once lived in a small, artsy (aka gentrified, hispter/aging yuppie) town that had the most asinine parking rules. We had so much trouble just parking outside our apartment building that we had to cave and get pass for one of the “secured” parking lots on the outskirts of the town. Not only were the rules of when and where you could park in town so bizarre, but people taking up two spaces with their stupid, fancy cars was a rampant problem.

    Might an election-themed show be in our future? At this point, it seems like there is nothing to talk about and yet everything to talk about.

    1. We’ve danced around the election topic a few times in the past months, but after last night’s debate, I honestly don’t know if I care to discuss it further. What a ridiculous display that was.

      …I’d imagine we’ll still end up talking about it at some point though.

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