Music to My Ears: Event Battle

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE isn’t for everyone. It’s something of an acquired taste. Combining several Shin Megami Tensei elements with the occasional Fire Emblem reference, the game essentially says “if you want a thoroughly JRPG experience where you save lives with pop music, here you go.”

For me, this scratched an itch while waiting for Persona 5. Do I want to be an idol who saves people’s Performa with the help of catchy music and a fun turn-based battle system? Hell yeah I do! I was born for something like this.

It’s a little surprising that we got TMS #FE in the States. Localization has always been a problem for JRPG fans in the west, and missing out on a somewhat bizarre crossover on a neglected system (poor Wii U) wouldn’t have shocked me. Instead, here we are. The game’s voice work is still exclusively Japanese with only the text translated to English, but that’s fine — most of the songs and general concepts wouldn’t have made the jump well.

Event Battle is a secondary boss theme that plays for a few notable fights. To me, the whole purpose of a good boss theme is to get me excited for the prospect of the upcoming fight, and the vast majority of my favorite video game songs are from that category.

Music to My Ears covers soundtracks or individual songs from video games. You can view all posts in the series by clicking here.

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